HEADLINE: Windies would be better if it fielded its strongest teams - Pooran

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1/8/21, 10:46:33 AM 

Nicholas Pooran believes the West Indies’ low ranking in T20 cricket is due mainly to the fact that it hasn’t been able to put its best players on the field of play often enough.

The West Indies are currently ranked 10th in the ICC T20 rankings despite having some of the best players in the world in their talent pool. However, Pooran anticipates that the team could show its full potential at the next world cup.

“I just believe that most of the series West Indies play, they don't play with their strongest team. And by strongest I mean Chris Gayle, Pollard, Russell, Narine, Bravo in the team together,” the talented Trinidadian said in a recent interview with ESPNCricinfo.

“Most of the senior guys are coming back to the West Indies team ... like Kieron Pollard, Dwayne Bravo, Andre Russell and Sunil Narine are all coming back eventually.

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What...no mention of Sammy big grin big grin

I will duck for cover

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well this has been the complaint since 20098 when hunte and hillaire fielded the fourth string losers versus bangladesh. I was in the states when that series was going on and we were hanging with an aussie couple and they were laughing at us. Of course, a Bajan was capo and Bajan cricketers and fans never seem to care if the team composition is subsrandard because their plaers benefit from a purging of the first team. Just like when the current lot was fielded versus Australia in 2015. Hope opened because they had fallen out with gayle again and he and brathwaite of course did nothing( its historically been what they seem best at). They have exiled their best players and Conde and his cohorts have no problem with that because his trash players can take up the vacancies

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Has Narine convinced Nicolas that a return is imminent?

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Nice observation "Sherlock" Pooran. What a great piece of detective work! You guys are never available for the West Indies, not with T20 being played elsewhere where you can make some money.
West Indies will never again have a full strength team. They will be forever consigned to the bottom of world cricket. Other countries will always have their best suit up for them. Not the West Indies. And all those players you mentioned, Mr. Pooran, they all refuse to represent the West Indies as long as they can find some T20 team in another country where they can make a few more bucks. Every time there is a West Indies series coming up, you'll here this one not available, that one not available, for some frivolous reason. Then all of a sudden you see them turn up in some game half way around the globe. And this is just because a T20 team may be able to pay them a few bucks more.
The problem of money grabbing and lack of pride will forever plague the West Indies. The days of West Indies cricket as we knew it are gone with the wind, never to return.

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Pooran batting for his globe trotting buddies.

Talk about timing... smile

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