Four years of Trump

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1/8/21, 6:01:52 PM 
what are some of his craziest moments?

The upside down Bible stunt was one of them. lol

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1/8/21, 6:09:20 PM 
Trump walking down the ramp was funny as hell too. lol

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1/8/21, 6:14:35 PM 
Yes, blacker-than-Frank-Bruon's dressing gown...lets start with the pardoning of the fuss black Heavyweight boxing champion, Jack Johnson! Fool stop.

Link Text cool

Charged the poor bloke under the Mann act for acting manly - how ironic that was!!! big grin
But, thanks to Sly Stallone, Lennox 'cool, but deadly' Lewis & Deontay Wilder, DJT pardoned JJ. Nice. Only BHO couldnt do it as he was surrounded by puzzies! Fool stop.

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1/8/21, 6:24:03 PM 
In reply to BeatDball

He was Marcus Garvey's last hope of a pardon.

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1/13/21, 11:56:54 PM 
Impeached twice.

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1/14/21, 12:49:37 AM 
In reply to black

Hmmmm...I would have to say that inciting a right wing terrorist mob to storm the capitol to prevent certification of Biden as president elect and quite possibly to assassinate Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi thereby leaving the Dotard as the only person who could be president come Jan 20, 2021, would be his “craziest” moment as president.

But that’s just me.

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