Should Biden keep Chris Wray at the FBI

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1/13/21, 6:23:21 PM 
The man is a Republican and he was too cowed by Trump. His lack of presence during this crisis is very disconcerting.

I can see him being kept in place for maybe six months to get the administration through the initial period and then be replaced.

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1/13/21, 6:26:01 PM 
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I think Biden should put his own guy in there. Who you ask? I am not sure.

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1/13/21, 6:28:01 PM 
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Wray kept a low profile knowing he could not defend anything and whatever he said was going to p’off DT and get him fired.

An award for profiles in courage he may not get but keeping his job may be strategic and best for the country is my thinking.

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1/13/21, 6:32:49 PM 
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Before Trump, FBI directors served until their 10-year appointment terms expired. I think Biden will leave Wray in place until his term expires or Wray decides to leave.

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1/13/21, 6:48:40 PM 
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things will not return to the old normal anytime soon..the polarization is at a hightened level..Biden will have to think long and hard if he wants to retain Wray..

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1/13/21, 7:01:42 PM 
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Should Biden keep Chris Ray at the FBI

until a new one is found!

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1/13/21, 11:07:08 PM 
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Biden will definitely be pressured to get rid of Wray, and who could blame him for getting rid of Wray after the FBI's abysmal failure on January 6 and Wray being a no-show at that press conference yesterday? But Biden does not want to govern like Trump did. He's a traditionalist and institutionalist.

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1/13/21, 11:52:39 PM 
In reply to Runs

I don’t think he can or should do it right away. He’ll have to suss him out first before making his move.

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