HEADLINE: Da Silva proud of solid start to Test cricket career

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4/7/21, 10:45:32 AM 

Windies middle-order batsman, Joshua Da Silva, believes there is plenty to be proud of when it comes to his performances so far for the regional team.

Since making his debut against New Zealand, in December of last year, the batsman has averaged 37.62 in five Test matches, with a high score of 92.  The half-century was one of two scored by the player during the period.

“I don’t think I could have been more proud of what I have done so far in Test cricket. I definitely would have wanted to convert some of those forties into fifties and that 90 into a 100, but hopefully there are going to be a lot more opportunities to do that,” Da Silva told Trinidad and Tobago Newsday.

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4/7/21, 10:04:09 PM 
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Love the attitude of the youth...stickability....

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4/7/21, 11:57:21 PM 
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Love the attitude of these new guys.
It is refreshing. It is like saying I got a chance and I will be damned if I am going to give that up without a fight.
I have no problem with Bravo, Hope, Hetty et al being on the squad, but they must earn their way back. No entitlements period.

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Yes he did well.Any news about what the Dowich illness is?....why all the hush hush mystery??? sad

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4/8/21, 12:02:10 PM 
at least when we aretalking about dasilva it's not about his race or skin colour unlike the case with brendan nash years ago when every one could not shut up about it i felt sorry for the guy
hopefully some wi people have evolved

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4/8/21, 12:07:20 PM 
He went a good school...smart ppl school he went...this is expected of him.

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4/8/21, 1:09:48 PM 
Well done Joshua. just keep improving. Yuh on the right track

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