Shame on Cricket South Africa/ICC/BCCI

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4/8/21, 6:37:26 AM 
Arranging for players to leave for ipl in the
Middle of a series!!!
Cricket is the loser

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4/8/21, 7:28:09 AM 
In reply to allan

Perhaps the ICC and BCCI could come to a gentleman's agreement and prevent any schedule conflicts. The IPL is only seven weeks a year so it shouldn't be that difficult to reach a deal.

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4/8/21, 9:16:30 AM 
In reply to Fivestar

I think it's more of who's going to blink first?

We've seen players miss International commitments before and it'll continue.

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4/8/21, 11:47:54 AM 
In reply to allan

Are you going to stop players from contractual obligations?
The only schedule series is Pakistan, and we know why.
South Africa players in the past, left the IPL to play for their country, now it is reciprocated.
Players would want to play for a country, knowing that country is looking after them.
Can you imaging how life would had been for CWI, WIPA and the players, if players were giving time to play in the IPL?

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4/8/21, 11:59:04 AM 
$$$.......Its better if ICC can carve out a schedule for this tourney but surely there will be some opposition from other boards

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4/8/21, 12:13:15 PM 
In reply to pooranian

Should ICC carve out a schedule for CPL, Big Bash etc as well?

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4/8/21, 12:14:26 PM 
In reply to pooranian
Why you think only one series is schedule and CSF gave it players leave, to play in th IPL?
Please think.

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4/8/21, 12:16:02 PM 
Cant agree with ICC catering for IPL. Why then not for all the other domestic run for profit competitions? I think that each board has to arrive at a sensible position with its players over playing for country and playing for profit, allowing players to do both as far as possible but maybe telling players that they should select the tournaments for which they want permission to play in advance each year and make themselves available for the rest of the year. AT least the boards can then know the pool available for any international series and if a player chooses IPL but doesnt get selected, hard luck for him as he will not be considered for national duty for that period. If another league makes a surprise offer during the year, then hard luck for the league as that player will not be available.

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4/8/21, 12:31:33 PM 
The IPL always have or had a window agreed by the ICC and the other boards, Maybe COVID change things a bit. Please remember the boards get a cut from what the players earn from IPL so it is in all interest to have a mutual agreement. Cricket is a business.

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4/8/21, 1:24:42 PM 
In reply to vsingh
The boards including clubs get a piece of the players pie.
To accomodate Pakistan, CSA agreed to the tournament, knowing that some of it players would only be available for a few matches.

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4/8/21, 2:05:51 PM 
In reply to openning
Are some of the posters here living in the real world? Money talks. India is the largest cricket market in the world. That is where the money is made. Plus as you have stated all the national boards benefit from a percentage of the player's fees.

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4/8/21, 3:15:55 PM 
Things could get dicey in a situation where say Nepal had a qualifier event and their star player Lamichhane was put in a spot, but for Full Members, they know IPL is king and the ICC will prefer for bilateral tours to be outside the IPL window.

The Pakistan situation? Well they have a seat at the table and should make their position known.

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4/9/21, 2:10:39 AM 
In reply to allan

I couldn't agree with you more.Why the South Africans Board couldn't tell the IPL that the Pakistan tour will end. on the 16th. and the players would be available from the 17th.
The Board acted like dummies.

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4/9/21, 5:26:58 AM 
In reply to bobby

I just remembered Pakistanis are not welcome in difficult for ICC to carve out a schedule as well...But onus will be on BCCI to bring all other boards to an agreement..

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