Happy birthday to the Prince......BCL

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5/2/21, 10:27:56 AM 
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5/2/21, 10:34:59 AM 
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I thought about it about 2 hours ago but then felt that his countrymen would want to be the first to acknowledge him..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BCL,the 213 and 153* are indelibly imprinted on the Dukester.

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5/2/21, 11:52:28 AM 
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In reply to Dukes

Doesn’t matter who acknowledges his birthday bro. He belongs to all of us.

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5/2/21, 2:50:28 PM 
Link Text..a moving gesture. The joy of watching Brian Lara bat remains one of the high points of my life..

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5/2/21, 3:25:06 PM 
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Good take, he belongs to ALL A We.

Happy Birthday BCL.

Best WI bats I saw live in his prime.

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5/2/21, 4:34:00 PM 
BCL, enjoy your special day in SRT's land!
big grin cool

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5/2/21, 8:16:34 PM 
Happy Birthday, BCL. We appreciate still your contribution to the beloved game and the region.

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5/2/21, 8:45:12 PM 
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happy Birthday Brian lol

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5/2/21, 8:58:43 PM 
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Happy Birthday Brian

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5/3/21, 12:04:45 PM 
Many are called but few are chosen. You are among the chosen few, Mr Brian Charles Lara.

Birthday Blessings Flow.

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5/3/21, 3:48:01 PM 
Happy Birthday Prince...best wishes from King Hooper....
lol lol lol

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5/3/21, 3:59:01 PM 
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You are something else.

Happy Birthday Lara.

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5/3/21, 8:48:37 PM 
Happy Birthday to the Prince of Port Of Spain Link Text

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5/4/21, 8:43:45 PM 
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yuh remember Polly born the same day? big grin

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5/5/21, 8:08:47 AM 
Happy birthday.

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5/5/21, 3:21:26 PM 
May he see many many more birthdays to come...

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