HEADLINE: 'Leaving Holder out of World Cup final 15 was tough' - Harper

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9/10/21, 10:16:08 AM 

West Indies chief of selector Roger Harper admits it was a difficult choice to relegate talented all-rounder Jason Holder to a reserve position, following the unveiling of the 15-member T20 World Cup squad on Thursday.

Many were left astonished after Holder, who has had a few standout stints in the Indian Premier League (IPL) and international T20 cricket in recent months, was only named among four reserve players.

“Leaving a player of the standard and quality of Jason out of our final 15 was a difficult decision and it provoked a lot of debate,” Harper told members of the media via an online press conference.

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link dayne Joined: May 28, 2007
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9/10/21, 10:37:17 AM 
In reply to CaribbeanCricket.com

Leaving Holder out might be considered as crazy, he is the highest rated allrounder in cricket at the moment, he is experienced with most situations and is a containing bowler.

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9/10/21, 10:40:53 AM 
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In reply to CaribbeanCricket.com

Wrong, if you ask me.

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9/10/21, 11:14:56 AM 
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In reply to CaribbeanCricket.com

Rampaul/Thomas cannot be better picks over Holder.

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9/10/21, 11:26:05 AM 
In reply to Wally-1

Thomas cant make Royals team led by Holder. The print on the tea leaves
has rolly Polly fingerprints.

Little Idiot in front of in form Rutherford?

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9/11/21, 9:13:13 AM 
I agree Jason Holder is the #1 rated all rounders in Test cricket but he has not really done much in T20 and he has not helped his Royal team either this year. So I didn't have him in my 15. However I had Hemraj Chanderpaul instead of Darren, not just because he scored a 100 but with his ability to bowl spin in the UAE. Also, instead of Thomas I had either Shepherd or Odean Smith.

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9/11/21, 9:41:12 AM 
In reply to Raisedseam

Thomas cant make Royals team led by Holder. The print on the tea leaves
has rolly Polly fingerprints.


Ok, first the disclaimer: I think Holder should've been the first player picked. Yes, even before the cappo.

But isn't it ironic that OT got picked over JHo, the Royals' captain whose usage of him was questioned?

The Royals' first game of the season finished with accolades bestowed upon OT for a magnificent performance. TV commies went beside themselves while pouring it on, only to see OT relegated to 2nd and 3rd change bowler in following games, when he got picked that is.

Wat dem seh 'bout KARMA again?

link Sylobaby Joined: May 16, 2020
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9/11/21, 9:49:42 AM 
With Russell and Dwayne Bravo in I really don't see where Holder would fit unless as a reserve to either of them and, to me is only because of the great respect they have for Jason they have him as a reserve. In T20 cricket I feel Odean Smith /Rovman Powell or Shepherd would have been a better fit. But the shock I had was that of Darren Bravo, though I really like him in test cricket and would never drop him. But Bravo in T20? In my humble opinion Hemraj Chanderpaul would have been a much better selection so in the event Lewis is not available Hemraj would still give you the left/right combo at the top of the order and plus, a very competent spinner on the spinner friendly wickets in the UAE

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9/11/21, 10:29:36 AM 
Lil B

Having been put into bat against the St Lucia Zouks, the Trinbago posted yet another impressive score, making 175/5 from their 20 overs. The innings was anchored by Darren Bravo who made a measured 50 from 42 balls.


Darren Bravo was retained by the Trinbago Knight Riders at the CPLDraft ! Can they win the title again???


Darren Bravo finishes the innings in style


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9/11/21, 10:39:01 AM 
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In reply to CaribbeanCricket.com

There is NOTHING Harper can say to justify this nonsense.

Nuf said.

I left off the other "f" cause at this stage who gives a "f"?!

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9/11/21, 10:49:58 AM 
In reply to CaribbeanCricket.com

Roger is clueless as a selector… How dah f#%k can he not have Jason in the top 5 consideration…Jason brings batting and bowling to the team… This Harper guy continues with his incredulous shyte… f$&king moron.

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9/11/21, 12:32:15 PM 
The only pick I have a problem with is Darren Bravo. Darren really has not done anything to be selected and I'm not sure who he is expected to cover for if there is a injury.

Oshane Thomas' selection is an x-factor pick to have an out and out fast bowler in the team. Fidel was earlier selected for that role but sadly he has not done well. Every squad in my view needs such an x-factor fast bowler to call upon it needed. There was no one else with that sort of pace for the selectors to call upon so Oshane gets the nod.

Chase is basically a replacement for Marlon Samuels who was vital to the WI lifting two world titles. Chase has hit form at the right time and with the availability of his off breaks he is really the type of Marlon Samuels player that was missing from the squad.

Jason Holder is a medium pace all-rounder who would be competing with Pollard, Russell and Bravo to get into the starting 11. I don't see him making the final 11 over any of those 3 and so his rightful place is as a reserve incase any of those 3 picks up an injury.

I would love to have seen Hosein in the 15 man squad ahead of Fletcher. Fletcher is really a reserve opener and a reserve keeper. His selection therefore should properly have been as a reserve and Hosein should have been in the final 15.

link rhatid Joined: Jun 19, 2013
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9/11/21, 2:18:02 PM 
[b]I have no problem with Holder being left out. I remember how he abandoned the team when they needed him most in Bangladesh under the guise of covid fear, then turned up in India, where covid was galloping by leaps and bounds, a few days later, playing T20 cricket. As a result he lost the captaincy and now his place in the team. Serves him right!

link Sylobaby Joined: May 16, 2020
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9/12/21, 9:03:05 AM 
In reply to rhatid People must understand that Jason Holder is ranked #1 best all-rounder in test cricket but this is T20 and Jason Holder is not even ranked in the top 20 T20 players. I even heard well respected voices like Lockhart Sebastien and Andrew Mason, pushing that nonsense last Thursday during a sports program co-hosted by Sebastien, but people must be truthfulhttps://www.icc-cricket.com/rankings/mens/player-rankings/t20i/all-rounder

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9/16/21, 9:27:50 AM 
In reply to Sylobaby
It is very clear that POLLARD and BRAVO did not want JASON in the team

link casiba Joined: Dec 9, 2003
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9/16/21, 9:30:48 AM 
In reply to b4u8me2
Very clear then that POLLARD and BRAVO did not want JASON in the Team. POLLARD has never contributed anything to West Indies and West Indies will not win anything with him in the Team. He is overrated.

link dayne Joined: May 28, 2007
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9/16/21, 9:58:19 AM 
The O.Thomas selection to me is still questionable, yesterday they showed the clockings of the fastest bowlers in the CPL and Odean Smith came in 1st, 2nd and 3rd, he also was among the highest wicket takers in the tournament. I think excluding Holder was a tough call, there are so many players who are not better than him, but more suited to T20 cricket that are available.

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9/16/21, 10:19:42 AM 
In reply to Sylobaby

Jason Holder is not even ranked in the top 20 T20 players.

Neither is Pollard, Bravo or Russell. I do believe that Holder should have been in the 15 even tho I wouldn't pick him above those 3 if all are fit.

link Raisedseam Joined: Apr 22, 2021
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9/16/21, 10:28:16 AM 
In reply to casiba

Shot! not a man move!

link ray Joined: Feb 6, 2003
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9/16/21, 11:06:58 AM 
Holder should have been on the team...

link Onionman0 Joined: Mar 5, 2020
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9/16/21, 2:19:10 PM 
In reply to CaribbeanCricket.com
It was only because of Holder performance in IPL .....that he was considered by Harper... before that he was cast aside........two consecutive World Cup...2021 & 2022....after this year World Cup......most of these ageing players going to hang boots.... irrespective of results....Holder will surely play in 2022 World Cup in Australia.....

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9/16/21, 2:54:32 PM 
HEADLINE: 'Leaving Holder out of World Cup final 15 was stupid' - Harper

Fixed it. Harper correct his own statement.

link VoopsandOut Joined: Jun 14, 2017
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9/16/21, 4:03:24 PM 
hahahah. I dont have a real problem with not having Holder in the 15. My problem is whether the ageing stars like Russell and Gayle will make any contribution at all. i agree with all comments that on present (and recent past) form, Lil Bravo should not be there but this team was clearly picked on reputation rather than current form so he makes the reserves. Fletcher is also a surprise pick and I would have gone with another bowler in the 15 and leave him for the reserves. He lacks consistency as an opener and Gayle must open as he is pretty useless down the order.

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9/16/21, 5:12:19 PM 
In reply to Drapsey

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9/16/21, 10:25:39 PM 
In reply to carl0002

The inept skunt admitted to what most savvy fans knows…

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