HEADLINE: Windies selectors set bad precedent

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9/14/21, 9:44:19 AM 

GENERALLY speaking, selectors of cricket teams have a job of great responsibility that requires deep thought processes, knowledge of the sport, the conditions of the venue and a host of ideas as to what constitutes a balanced team to deal with the opposition under various circumstances.

In the end, it comes down to the right combination to win the contest. And that is the crux of the matter, to be victorious in the competition. There is no other reason for the selection of a cricket team.

There are times when it’s justified to choose certain players knowing they would be in a position to strengthen the side in the future and be triumphant then, for instance, by including talented youngsters who can hold their own at present and be eventual match-winners.

However, that’s only if there are no better players available. A selector should never weaken his team at present to build its effectiveness for a subsequent event to come.

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I have had disagreements with Bryan Davis but he is 100% correct in this article.

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look! this civility towards WI selectors and coach should not be exhibited they don't deserve it, they have treated Caribbean people as if they the most stupid the explanation for doing what they do, has been most childish and disrespectful simple because they don't have to be accountable

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What? What a shocker!!!

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