HEADLINE: 'You canít beat experience' - Pollard

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10/4/21, 10:18:25 AM 

West Indies captain Kieron Pollard believes the team’s overall experience will be a critical factor in the bid to successfully defend its World T20 title.

The final 15 selected to represent the West Indies, for the tournament in the United Arab Emirates and Oman, has stirred up considerable debate in the Caribbean, with several questioning the age of the squad.  At current, the team boasts four players over the age of 35, with an average age of 30.6.

“It’s great to have all these guys and myself playing together again,” Pollard told India.com.

“This hasn’t happened in a very long time. No matter which way you look at it you can’t beat experience because we have seen different scenarios time and time again,” he added.

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10/5/21, 1:53:59 PM 
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I am wishing the team success, although I have some questions about some of the inclusions. Experience counts, but I am sure some of the players in reserves will be playing before the tournament ends because of injuries to the experienced injury prone players

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10/5/21, 2:02:37 PM 
I agree that you can't beat experience...but you gotta have stamina as well. Running hard singles and also not 'hiding' players in the field.

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10/5/21, 3:40:05 PM 
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In reply to SCC1

They have to hide Gayle and Rampaul and hope that the ball does not "follow them"!!!

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10/5/21, 4:40:40 PM 
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lol lol lol lol lol
It is amazing how the ball can follow a player especially when that player is being sledged or 'jeered' by the crowd.

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10/6/21, 10:53:11 AM 
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Gayle will score more than he concedes and Ramps will save more than he will give way.
Win, win, and WIN situation

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10/6/21, 11:21:25 AM 
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You mean the ball is more likely to "beat experience?" lol

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