HEADLINE: Think again Mr Skerritt

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10/5/21, 10:09:20 AM 

THE criticisms of the West Indies cricket squad and its travelling reserves to represent the Caribbean peoples at the T20 Cricket World Cup in the United Arab Emirates and Oman later this month have elicited a testy response from the president of Cricket West Indies Mr Ricky Skerritt.

Disapproval struck with force and vigour from all corners of the West Indian islands even to a few from the diaspora in North America.

However, Skerritt came bravely to the defence of his selectors.

He said: “A successful World Cup journey requires that all of us; who love and support the game, and who have seriously studied the fortunes of West Indies cricket; come together and send positive vibes to captain Pollard and the members of his squad, no matter what.”

This was in a CWI media release.

We are West Indians and we’ll be supporting WI cricket. The players did not select themselves to defend the WC, not at all. I’d be disappointed to hear that Caribbean folk would give their support elsewhere. One might not agree with the side chosen, hence, there may be doubts as to the outcome of the tournament. However, it doesn’t mean – because it’s a poor selection in the view of past players or present cricket fans – that the supporters want to see their team lose.

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10/5/21, 1:46:23 PM 
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Looks like the Tits wanted more picks.

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10/6/21, 2:48:25 AM 
All the positive vibes in the world ain't going to make some old workhorses run any faster; having said that, I wish them well.

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Of course we wish them well. But looking at the scorecard for both Finals, Marlon is the only one who batted well; 78(56) and 85(66). Sammy had a good Cameo in the first, and 'Remember the name' in the second.

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Currently, we have lost Gayle because he’s failing and can’t deal with it, plus Andre Russell who always has injuries and now he’s in his thirties it will take him longer to recover.

Before I conclude, I want to express my disappointment on the criticisms of the selectors by the cricket authorities of Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago. Aren’t they part of the decision-makers of CWI? Therefore, they’re criticizing themselves, for they appointed the selectors.

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smile I didn't read the article, just saw it was a Trini publication that was linked.

BTW, I've always respected Brian Davis.

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