HEADLINE: England pulling out of Pakistan tour just 'western arrogance' - Holding

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10/6/21, 9:57:26 AM 

West Indies bowling legend turned commentator Michael Holding has accused the England team of displaying ‘western arrogance’ following the decision to withdraw from the tour of Pakistan.

Last month, the England Cricket Board announced the decision to pull out of the tour of Pakistan, which was expected to include matches for both the men’s and women’s teams.  The decision came sharply on the back of the New Zealand’s team's choice to pull out of a similarly planned tour after citing security concerns.

"The ECB statement doesn't wash with me," the always forthright Holding said. "No substance."

"Nobody wants to come forward and face up to anything because they know what they did was wrong,” he added.

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10/6/21, 10:55:15 AM 
When they pull out of the Ashes...oh Australia is not a western nation...my bad.

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10/6/21, 12:37:51 PM 
In reply to nitro

"The ECB statement doesn't wash with me.." is the reason given by Mr Holding because it does not have any substance in his view. Did you see the statement the ECB put out regarding the Ashes cancellation? Did you compare the two statements and see why Mr Holding has this view? Mmmm I wonder why you made that statement without checking. I wonder why.

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10/6/21, 1:54:50 PM 
Is the WI traveling to Pakistan?

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10/6/21, 2:28:08 PM 
In reply to Khaga

If the price is right…

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10/6/21, 2:54:50 PM 
Holding retired....now he could cuss ECB

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10/6/21, 6:09:14 PM 
In reply to beesis

He comes across as a very angry man. Why was he so cool all these years when he was earning the good dollars?

Kiwis pulled out for credible security concerns. Wasnt this the same concerns of the Pommies?

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10/6/21, 9:01:18 PM 
In reply to nitro

You're being disingenuous are you?

So much wrong with your logic

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10/6/21, 9:25:53 PM 
In reply to InHindsight

That's the real nitro for you.


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10/6/21, 10:17:48 PM 
Mental stress resulting from bubble fatigue is real, as the UB.

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