The Gayle Ambrose saga

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10/14/21, 11:52:31 AM 
Let me state upfront I was one of Gayle's biggest fans in the early days. To this date I think he was the latest windies stars.

I parted company with him during the days when he cuss out Otis. I know some would say Otis deserved cussing but did not under stand "the monster" we were creating. We enabled him at every turn. "The reporter in Stanford tournament ", "the don't blush", and more recently culminating in abusing Sarwan and now Ambrose.

You all failed to see what,anyone who talks about himself in the 3rd person, and calls himself universe boss is.

I am happy the the likes of FanAttick and jacksprat, two well known Jamaican posters condemn the latest outburst from the UB.

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10/14/21, 12:07:00 PM 
In reply to FuzzyWuzzy

Usually I don’t comment on these off the pitch issues, but I agree with your general sentiment. Like you said, it was good to see his fellow Jamaicans call him out.

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10/14/21, 12:08:39 PM 
In reply to FuzzyWuzzy

We live in a democracy that allows freedom of speech, unless I am not privy to changes that occurred recently.

UB should be allowed to call it as he sees it.

Sammy did such to the CWI management. Lara did so on occasions.

Now, you have stated your views on UB which I have no problem with.....

You all failed to see what,anyone who talks about himself in the 3rd person, and calls himself universe boss is.

calls himself universe boss is. How does that affect you?

Why should the
You all failed
be off concerned to you ?. Are we not independent thinkers as human beings?

Are you trying to manipulate or stop others who do not succumb to your points of view from saying so?

I am concerned about the
You all
? Putin would smile at your comments.

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10/14/21, 12:23:42 PM 
Many of us realize that more than one thing can be either right or wrong at the same time. Long before joining here I have both praised as well as condemned many of Gayle's actions both on and off the field. Most egregious were the 'I haven't tested your pitch' to the female Caribbean journo and the ridiculously silly 'Don't Blush' The manner of the 'Gibson cussing' I think was wrong but not the speaking out. Here you have a man unceremoniously and unreasonably dropped, but not just dropped!! He clearly saw the attempts at Union-Busters to block his chance to earn therefore crushing and belittle him. Gayle was learning to behave after Garner and another board member met with him and told him their expectations for him as Captain before his reappointment. I will maintain that the already existing monster was allowed to grow by the Neo-colonialist approach of 'The Hilaire/Cameron/Hunte/Gibson failed experiment. Their formula can be defined as 'How to Create Sports Stars while Destroying/Weakening The WI Team' Polly, Bravo n Gayle the first to refuse Central Contracts went on to become T20 franchise stars. Half the blame for Gayle's BS lies with Union Busters who it turns out weren't even good at that.

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