O J Simpson & Bill Cosby

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10/26/21, 1:16:01 AM 
I continue to be astounded by these two individuals.Modern day versions of the escape artist Houdini.The rascals got away with their mischief.Especially OJ.The victims families couldnt sue him either.They got no justice.At the same time there are people in prison for crimes they didnt commit.What is the answer? Smart lawyers.And only the very rich can afford the best legal representation.Sucks.But what can yuh do.

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10/26/21, 3:00:48 AM 
O.J was aquitted of the murders of his wife and her apparent lover.But later found "financially liable" in a civil trial??? Legal attempts by Nicole's family somehow came to nothing.OJ did time in jail but in relation to another matter.Released on parole.Cosby didnt serve his full sentence for sexual abuse on a technicality."America's dad" appeared to get away with it too.How do you think his accuser feels? OJ too had the cheek to write a book "IF I DID IT" apparently mocking the system.And who can blame him.The legal system of INJUSTICE in America is weighted very heavily in favour of the very rich and famous.A complete jackass.But we mustnt laugh.

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10/26/21, 10:33:19 PM 
In reply to Alan

Do you think the Prince in England will even go on trial for sex with those underaged girls?

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10/27/21, 12:22:48 AM 
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Not a chance.The cops in the U.S are tightening the screws.But I cant see it happening.They have wanted to talk to him about the matter before.But he has refused to go to U.S.Meanwhile Scotland Yard over here have washed their hands of the affair and says no action will be proceeded with against him.

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