Rowley's claims: 200,000 ships waiting to offload in LA Port ???

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10/28/21, 11:42:42 AM 
PM: Supply chain clogs will have ‘very serious’ ripple effect on T&T

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley yesterday confirmed that the global supply chain clogs at major US and UK ports will have a “very serious” ripple effect on the importation of goods to T&T.“How could we not be impacted? We are a trading country. Much of our life is import/export, so this is very serious for us, as it affects the whole world,” he said in response to questions about the importation of goods into the country as the world continues to be crippled by disrupted supply chains.According to international reports, the ports in Los Angeles are so clogged that up to yesterday, some 200,000 cargo ships were waiting to enter and offload.
Other ports were facing much of the same situation, with long lines of cargo vessels waiting to offload, load and leave but unable to move.

It is estimated that the busy global Christmas time goods delivery will be impacted and consumers in the US and UK have been warned that it will be months before the situation is back to normal.There is also the related inflation that will see a steady increase in the cost of goods.The same will happen here, the Prime Minister warned.“Unavailability of the whole range of the outcomes of imports, general shortages and significant cost increases across the board,” Rowley said.“Freight costs have skyrocketed. There is a significant push factor on the cost of imported food.”

He added, “That is why we have encouraged the diet changes to involve local fresh produce which is cheaper and incidentally, much healthier.”
Minister in the Ministry of Finance Brian Manning yesterday added his concern and confirmed that the ministry was bracing for the higher prices.
“We do expect an increase in cost for commodities and some imported goods,” he said.

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Who gave him the data of over 200,000 ships waiting off LA ports?

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The major backlog of container ships at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach is the worst its ever been, with 100 ships waiting to enter and unload as of Tuesday.

That number breaks last month's record of 97 vessels. To put it into context, there would typically be about 17 ships at anchor in pre-pandemic times. The two Southern California ports account for 40% of all shipping containers entering the U.S.

The backlog is only going to get worse with another 45 ships expected to arrive at the ports by Thursday.

One economist said the backlog at American ports is partially due to a change in consumer spending patterns during the pandemic.

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Trini Comments:

Climate Actions NOW

These supply chain shortages are a minor introduction to what will happen in the future as the climate changes, and extreme weather will destroy global food supplies.
What are T&Ts climate action goals?
What affirmative climate action promises are T&T government counting on from the “developed nations” which will be broken when the crunch is on, leaving T&T empty handed?
You’ll “encouraging” people to eat local produce….this morning NAMDEVCO rates imported dasheen and eddoes is less than half the price of locally produced, how this encourages people to buy local? Support farmers to compete economically.
Guardian – where is your news on T&Ts government lack of climate actions?
T&T contribution to COP26 is pitiful.
T&T awareness, participation and commitment in climate actions is pitiful.

Claire Rostant

If we think of political parties along the lines of a Cricket team what would our view be of this PNM Administration? Can we describe Dr. Keith Rowley as the fat bowler licking up every opposing wicket stumps into splinters with insults? Or would that description better suit our Minister of Finance Colm Imbert as he destroys our Economy? Can we describe Minister of Public Utilities as a batsman that should be in slips? I mean he is the man that gave WASA 100 Million and WASA Executives don't even have to account to him for how they spent it. What about Hinds? I mean just how irrelevant can WASA Executives think Gonzales is? How do we describe Hinds? As an outfielder who is asleep on the job who needs a kick from Stuart Young to keep him awake? Trinidad is at its worse. Our Economy needs the best team to get this country to 100 runs and what does our Team Leader do? He gets rid of his best and wisest old teammates and selects a bunch of first timers to run the Country. Then he blames his teams performance on Covid, the work ethic of the citizens and the Global Supply Chain.

Peter W. Charles

Upon hearing 200,000 ship backlog from the dummy


Another convenient excuse for this gov't's economic failures.200,000 cargo ships when reality is 100 but he knows his dunces knows no better and will run with it.

Claire Rostant

I disagree Dr. Rowley. The largest danger Trinidad & Tobago has ever seen is not the Supply Chain at all it is your PNM Administration and more so your Minister of Finance because between your Covid Policies and Imbert's Fiscal polices T&T has never seen such a destruction of our economy. When you and your Boys are finished with Trinidad this country will have to rebuild our Economy from scratch. There are many policies I never liked that the PNM instituted and some that I did but I cannot tell you Dr. Rowley, just how much I miss the Honorable Patrick Manning at this very moment in time. It is mind-bendingly huge, the number of factors that you have come up with to blame for the state of our Country's Economy, from the people's work ethic, to Covid, the UNC, Oil and Gas prices and now the global supply chain. Dr Rowley while you spend your time playing Golf and blaming the world for Trinidad's Economic woes, take a look around at other countries such as Rwanda, as their economies grow during the same time frame you are spending blaming everything under the Sun for your Party's total incompetence to correct and grow the T&T Economy. As the King of Pop said, have a look in your Mirror. Because that's where the source of our problems is, Our problems began with you, and as for Imbert, he will apply the finishing brush strokes for sure.

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In reply to sgtdjones

He count ships for containers
Give d man a lil break
Supporters will swallow anything he says

Hopefully Gary call his rass out again lol

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