Aaron Rodgers is Immunized

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11/6/21, 5:47:25 PM 

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What was interesting is that MLK quote was not one he knew off the top of his head....He went looking for a quote and had to read it from his device, could not even quote it from memory.

So desperate was he to try and garner sympathy.
What a tool.

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11/6/21, 9:20:11 PM 
Lying Aaron "MAGA" Rodgers has taken the typical cheap, easy, right-wing way out, he'S blaming "woke culture". for his problems. He's a lying pr**k. who was BUSTED.

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11/7/21, 9:16:55 AM 
I think Rodgers’ biggest error was deceiving his team and teammates. Own it from go.

The NFL has shown it’s not afraid of discipline for its biggest stars (Brady) so they could suspend him.

As for the woke mob comments, sigh it’s another guy who doesn’t understand where the term came from and is parroting the trends on social media.

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11/10/21, 11:42:34 AM 
$14K fine to Rodgers is pocket change.

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....and they fine the team 300k for not enforcing controls?

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Aaron Rodgers is Immunized
can one be immunized without contact with the virus?

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It look like Rogers was right to take the dewormer ivermectin as its obvious those worms were burrowing through his brain. Hence, technically he was correct in saying he was immunized. However, he was immunized from the worms and not the Corona virus.
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In reply to Curtis

They fined CeeDee Lamb of the Cowboys 20K for an untucked shirt.

The NFL is really messed up at times.

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