Murder rate up by 10% over 2020

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11/9/21, 4:06:53 PM 
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Meanwhile the perfect photo - asleep at di wheel

Minister of National Security Horace Chang was caught in repose during yesterday's sitting of the House of Representatives. Among the discussions in Gordon House yesterday was the announcement by Prime Minister Andrew Holness of an easing of restrictions associated with curbing the spread of the novel coronavirus

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11/10/21, 7:49:35 AM 
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It will keep going up if they continue to treat it like just another day.

What needs to happen is for the government to declare crime as its NUMBER 1 PRIORITY, and begin working from there.

The Jamaican police force is not large enough to deal with what has been happening. Therefore they must enlist outside help, perhaps to guard the coastline and the ports while the Jamaican cops do their thing on the ground inland.

It is not that hard. When Norman Manley came to power in 1955 he sought help to create his government. He went to the UN and they sent him a Canadian, George Cadbury.

And the rest is history.


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...and people saying Chris Gayle should retire at 42! Wat a ting!

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You guys elected a Gang and expect crime to go down.

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