Black Lives Matter: Discuss!

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11/10/21, 11:00:26 PM 

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11/10/21, 11:13:00 PM 
Idiot just gave the City every justification they could ever need to come down as hard as possible on BLM, and anything they could associate with BLM.

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11/11/21, 1:06:51 AM 
In reply to StumpCam
A bone-headed way to describe civil unrest which is supposed to be peaceful. But, the mayor is starting off too autocratic. He shouldn't call a meeting and then be unwilling to have civil discussion. Why is he pointing his finger in people's face?

Whether we like to believe it or not if Adams returns to Guiliani/Bloomberg style stop n frisk policing and there's a controversial police killing inflamed passions will cause building to burn!

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11/11/21, 7:29:37 AM 
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I don’t know if it was misogyny or ageism, but as the only woman in the room, as the co-founder of Black Lives Matter of Greater New York, Mayor-elect Adams thought it was best to correct me, and he wants to know how he can hold me accountable,” she said.

So an older man cannot correct a younger woman. Jeez. I really worry about this generation yes.

Without knowledge of the black New York experience I must side with the mayor. He comes across as reasonable and sensible whereas these “activists” come across as temper tantrum throwing adolescents

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11/11/21, 7:57:21 AM 
In reply to Jabari18

As usual, you have a special talent for missing the entire context.

You never seem to grasp the entirety of an issue from an holistic point of view, thus your conclusions are flawed in so many important social issues in the USA and the broader world.

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11/11/21, 8:15:04 AM 
In reply to Emir

There is a reason I prefaced my answer with "without knowledge of". I can only speak from my view as a trini dougla living in trinidad. As always I am open to hearing of the context that I may be missing.

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11/11/21, 8:19:33 AM 
i diferentiate between the message and the organisation i support the message i care nothing about the organisation.and threatening bloodshed on the streets of new york is something terrorists do

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11/11/21, 8:58:16 AM 
BTW, I support the Mayor elect! I don’t believe he should be held at ransom by any one group! His obligation is to keep the city safe for all residents!

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11/11/21, 9:37:31 AM 
BLM should have waited to see how his plans are implemented before making a scene.

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11/12/21, 11:58:43 AM 
Who is going to wait and see???

Christmas is coming ... they need to go shopping for the holidays. This is very plain to see

They got to get their Nike, big screen TV, Bling, you name it they will loot it

Mark my words

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11/12/21, 12:13:12 PM 
In reply to nickoutr

Fuk off

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11/12/21, 1:02:54 PM 
In reply to StumpCam So Newsome want black people to keep shooting one-another, willy-nilly without any repercussions? I understand 95% of the people stopped and frisked were black and only 3% were charged with any crime, that is a problem --- the police will need to develop better intelligence about who they are going to stop so the statics can justify their actions – it’s a conundrum – appearance does matter

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