Dividing up of Africa and the Middle East

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11/13/21, 1:44:54 PM 
To what extent did the dividing up of these nations post World War create the conditions necessary for the unrest we see in many parts of these territories?

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borders cut ethnic lines is one reason, extending power of one group over another also, Tuts/Hutu, Kikuyu/Luyhu/Luo, Druze/Maronites/Arabs. There are other reasons unrelated to Europe's line drawing but that only exacerbated it

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i think you got your dates mixed up the actual dividing up of africa started in the 1884 berlin conference before the world wars. they broke up the large pre colonial kingdoms of africa into fifty something smaller colonies plundered their wealth and resources and turned these countries into poverty stricken basket cases

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The worst part is that they aren't finished yet.
Divide and rule then you can loot and plunder with impunity.

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Thanks for the corrections. I am definitely nothing even remotely close to an expert

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