Inflation in weh skunts

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11/14/21, 3:52:39 PM 
Until we get the idiots vaccinated an get this disease under control, inflation is going put a hurting on all of us.

Restaurants are taking a beating, just yesterday I went to get some chicken at Golden Chick and only drive-thru was open because they didn't have enough people to open inside the restaurant. I have a customer that close at 2 pm because he couldn't find enough people for a night crew.

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11/14/21, 4:05:15 PM 
In reply to black

People are no longer prepared to put their labor at risk for chicken feed salaries!

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11/14/21, 5:22:50 PM 
You know although restaurants here hardly have dine-in they are doing reasonably well. pick-up, drive-through Lyft etc. working out well. My county as well as San closed a Chic-File n a Burger joint for violating mask rules. Last couple months I've been filling up at discount stores such as Costco, Safeway $4:19/gl. n up.

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11/14/21, 9:36:52 PM 
In reply to XDFIX
That restaurant model needed to be uprooted long ago.

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