T&T... 1,000 COVID-19 cases per day by month’s end..

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11/16/21, 1:09:29 PM 
Epidemiologist predicts 1,000 COVID-19 cases per day by month’s end

COVID-19 cases continue to climb in T&T and the Ministry of Health is projecting that it could near 1,000 cases per day by the month’s end if the spread continues at its current rate.The warning came from the Ministry of Health’s Epidemiology Division’s technical director Dr Avery Hinds at Monday’s virtual press conference.“Looking at the end of this month, if we continue at the rate we were going for the first few couple of weeks in November, the possibility of getting to 1,000 cases a day is actually quite real,” Hinds said.

During his epidemiological update, he noted that cases over the previous two weeks increased by 60 per cent.His graph showed daily infections in October of roughly 250 cases, and those in November averaging 400-500 per day.
“There’s basically a 60 per cent increase between the last completed week which is week 45 and the previous week, 44. We’re currently in 46 and looking at the pace we are currently proceeding, we’re hoping again that we don’t exceed the previous week’s total,” he said.

Already for this week, 748 cases have been recorded. The Ministry of Health confirmed 403 new cases yesterday from samples collected between November 11 and 13.Hinds appealed to the population that its help was now needed in slowing the onslaught of this new wave of infections.
“We do want to encourage the population to put their own brakes on this by; a) getting vaccinated b) reducing unnecessary movement, c) adhering to the public health guidelines,” he said.He also urged people who were in home quarantine and isolation to remain at home and not to interact with others. He also advised people to visit their healthcare institutions for medical attention if their condition changes.

The Ministry of Health also recorded 12 additional COVID-19 deaths yesterday bringing the toll up to 1,870.—

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T&T Comments:


Self-fulfilling Prophecy.
Abdool noted she will block the virus entering T&T...
Rowley claimed we are number one?
Tell us the truth, withhold info, tell us lies no matter what method you choose to handle the managing the spread of Covid 19, the result remains the same or gets worse. You have been repeatedly denying that deaths occurred among fully vaccinated, that is viewed as a lie. You kept preaching that being fully vaccinated protects you from severe illness and death, that is now seen as a lie or cover up. In yesterdays press conference you eventually admitted that death occurred among 54 fully vaccinated persons. That info is frightening, had it been released immediately after the first fully vaccinated death, it may have served to encourage persons to be more rigid in their efforts to comply with the recommended measures. People may may be challenging the vaccine if you can still die after being fully vaccinated

Lana Ali-Penn

I repeat: Infections and deaths began to rise about the same time in Cuba as in T&T.
In July, Cubans took to the streets, due to the escalation of deaths and the lack of medicines to treat the infected because of the US blockade. Cuba chose to accelerate it's vaccination program without emergency use authorization from WHO. Essentially, placing its trust in Cubans. That kind of solidarity is anathema to citizens of Trinidad and Tobago. Soon the Caroni River will flow with bloated bodies as did the Ganges.

Raven Madoxx

Hinds the expert...
I hope you good at counting the dead...
You going to need more than your fingers...
Trinidadians still think this is one big joke...
Don't understand the difference between catching and being given..Typical dotish trini move

Aaron Relaxo

Any excuse for hedonism. Humanity has really reached the end stage of the late roman empire.

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