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11/19/21, 10:27:39 PM 
Look trouble now, no more Indian wuk for dem!

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11/20/21, 11:15:06 AM 
In reply to Emir

It is a fair assessment. While Tendulkar currently holds the record for most hundreds in both Tests and ODIs, Lara's 400 and 501 not out broke world records for the highest Test and first-class scores.Mar 17, 2021

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11/20/21, 3:51:29 PM 
the billion dont really care you know

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12/3/21, 4:56:54 AM 
sachin is overhyped fraud, he surrounded by rahul, sehwag, laxman, ganguly, yuvraj, gambhir, dhoni and even kohli too in his last 5 years. Sachin got all support but indians act like he carried the batting lineup while he was actually statpadding for his personal 100 century milestone. There's a reason india was unsuccessful during his time unlike today.

Lara on the other hand. who he got?? Chanderpaul and??? Gayle?? Lara is the true warrior who carried windies like his own backbone, he was the gifted icon of his generation.

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Good point.

In my Indian X1 of all time, Sachin is a 12th man and Kohli was not even considered.

Many batters of the 60's, 70's and early 80's were better than Sachin such as Vensarkar, Azar, Mohinder, Vishy, Dravid, Nawab, just to mention a few.

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