Tim Paine Resigns

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11/20/21, 11:36:41 AM 
Aussie test captain resigns in texting sex scandal.What used to be a gentleman's game seems to be going through a terrible period in England and OZ.Terrible stories of racism in English cricket even worse...Now we understand why Paine kept dropping wicketkeeping catches in the home series against India.A series OZ lost 2/1.Tim's brain was focussed on pu××y all this time.Shame on you Tim!
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11/20/21, 8:00:46 PM 

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11/20/21, 11:18:04 PM 
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Some folks never grow up....but that was 4 years ago.I think the real reason was his inadequacy as captain brought pressure to bear behind the scenes.The lost series to India at home did not go down well with OZ cricket fraternity.His keeping was not up to scratch either dropping catches.Now if OZ had won none of this would matter....just a giggle naughty boys do all the time.
Steve Smith and Warner's on field cheating in South Africa recent years ago was worse than this....now forgotten and rehabilitated.Because dem 2 key players.The issues with Paine may not be the full story.

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11/21/21, 3:26:31 AM 
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Who does Tim think he is, Shane Warne?

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