Make Blackwood captain

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11/22/21, 9:07:44 AM 
And bring in pooran, hety and bravo. This side has no impetus and strategy. Kraigg and Holder are two sides of the same ultra conservative coin. We need dynamic players like blackwood and mayers. Not blockers who reach 44 off 115 balls and feel that is test cricket

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11/22/21, 9:09:39 AM 
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Problem solve right there


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11/22/21, 9:11:40 AM 
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What do you want man, another version of the Titties and Friends?

I know you said to make Blackwood captain, but how long would it take you thereafter to advocate his displacement with Pooran?

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11/22/21, 9:20:10 AM 
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blackwood is a player with guts who takes the initiative.......he does not wait for things to happen. And a tits and friends team could never be worse than the power rangers that has been forced on us for the last 7 years

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11/22/21, 9:43:15 AM 
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If only guts were runs!!!!

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11/22/21, 9:49:02 AM 
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Tell that to Hetty big grin

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11/22/21, 10:23:47 AM 
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Jump, this is not the way forward. Please note that Brathwaite has top scored thus far and time spent at the crease is important in test cricket. Also, Brathwaite scored 100 and 85 runs against the same opponent. Kraigg is a totally different captain to Holder, he is more proactive and rotates his bowlers better. Remember, he is the captain of a very inexperienced and bang average team.

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11/22/21, 11:09:25 AM 
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that is true. Kraigg is more proactive than Holder by miles. Well then he needs a change of personnel because the prodders and guys who don't rotate the strike is not working. They don't understand the more they block and don't take singles, the more time the bowler has to work them out. Walking wickets. Which is why i like mayers so much. That is a proactive cricketer who takes the game by the scruff. He is busy at the crease. Blackwood, because of the people around him also is not as busy. He is getting into the philosophy that blocking is test cricket. You defend good balls, you take singles off okay balls and you punish bad bowling.

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11/22/21, 11:47:30 AM 
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This is why I was impressed with the opening partnership this morning before Blackwood got out. Blackwood was playing responsibly and unfortunately misjudged the delivery which got him lbw. Apparently, that was our highest opening partnership in some while. The combination between Brathwaite anchoring the innings and Blackwood's ability to score quickly might be something to look at going forward. Reminds me of two partnerships that had a lot of potential, albeit in the ODI format:
Chris Gayle opening with Chanderpaul
Evin Lewis opening with Shai Hope

I think Kyle Mayers is a real talent. He is one of the best allrounders in our team at the moment. He is what you call a confidence player. Once he gets going he backs himself to score quickly. He had a torrid time against Pakistan but I am glad that the selectors didn't hold that against him.

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11/22/21, 1:32:12 PM 
i want to say Kudos to Blackwood for taking on the responsibility of opening rather than putting forward someone else. Showed great maturity and who knows?? maybe that is where he should bat and open up a middle order spot for Bravo/Brooks/Hope/Hety etc

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11/22/21, 2:50:59 PM 
is this a joke we need players to stand up and bat period how much blackwood make?if it was not for brathwaithe 40 something what would the wi score look like

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11/22/21, 4:16:38 PM 
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Blackwood is no one's opener no way. In ODI maybe. In test on good wkts. vs. good fastmen he is going to nick off before getting settled in.

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