texit can it really happen

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11/23/21, 8:56:49 AM 
the texas senator ted cruz wants texas to sucede from the united states and is calling for a referendum what isshocking is he has thousands of supporters behind him mostly republicans and trump supporters

is this really feasible or just a political stunt

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11/23/21, 10:58:00 AM 
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In reply to velo

Obviously a political stunt.

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11/23/21, 11:12:38 AM 
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anything is possible in great murca! That's the country that elected TRUMP pruhzedent!!! big grin

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11/23/21, 11:58:46 AM 
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What about VIXit? cool

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11/23/21, 12:01:51 PM 
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That's for the cold.

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11/23/21, 12:24:31 PM 
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These movements gain traction whenever the Whitehouse is occupied by Democrat(s).

This latest iteration is late, but only because the advocates were giving Trump time to maximize his election fraud claims.

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11/23/21, 12:34:02 PM 
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New Tea Party?

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11/23/21, 12:44:51 PM 
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The Tea Party turned out to be a dud, so I wouldn't give anything closely similar a chance for advancement/success.

Seeing that some rich folks are abandoning (over-crowded and over-liberal) California for Texas, Cruz and company just want to continue with the enticement for others to follow suit.

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11/23/21, 2:31:46 PM 
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Do you know what all that would entail?

The political and economic ramifications would be dire for Texas.

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11/23/21, 4:37:26 PM 
In reply to black

Would be very intriguing speculation. Would it trigger say the entire US Midwest (besides Colorado) to try and follow suit and create a separate US?

Who'd pay for 'the wall'?

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11/23/21, 4:50:26 PM 
In reply to Drapsey
not a Dud it put those of the lowest denominator into the corridors of power.
Without it McCarthy could never have become speaker in another 20yrs and even in that future
could not behave as he is doing now. Without in the Gaetz, Mel Brooks's, Mulvaney's n Meadows of
this world wouldn't be congressmen and Chief of Staff.
Yes Dukes it is another Cancun Cruz stunt but even for him one of the stupider ones.

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