Minister: T&T in ‘grips of third wave’ of COVID

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11/23/21, 4:17:21 PM 
Minister: T&T in ‘grips of third wave’ of COVID pandemic

Trinidad and Tobago is in the midst of a third wave of COVID-19 infections, Minister of Health Terrence Deyalsingh said yesterday.

Speaking at the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 media briefing Deyalsingh explained that epidemiologists have deemed the rising COVID infections and deaths as a third wave of the pandemic since the rolling seven-day average of cases is now over 500-plus.
T&T experienced its first wave of COVID-19 infections in August/September 2020, followed by a second wave in June/July 2021.

Yesterday, the country recorded ten additional deaths and 404 new COVID cases. This took the active cases to 8,695, with hospitalisations at a record high of 539 patients seeking care.Deyalsingh said as part of his ministry’s effort to better manage this latest wave as the Delta variant continues to circulate, the ministry will be coordinating the role the five Emergency Operations Centres (EOCs) will play in the deployment of resources and personnel as the demand for treatment increases.

Deyalsingh again encouraged citizens aged 12 and over to get vaccinated.
He said while vaccination remains voluntary, “in this current wave, it is now imperative that even for the vaccinated, that the three Ws also apply.”“Don’t let your guard down, even if you are vaccinated at this time,” Deyalsingh said.

Reminding people to wash hands, wear masks and watch their distance, he said with the Christmas festivities afoot, citizens should “avoid social gatherings as much as humanly possible.”

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People who believe the Government have their best interest at heart never learned from history.

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T&T Comments:

Alvina Maraj

today 21 dead ...682 casesPM if the unvaccinated feel this strongly about taking the vaccine, close the parallel health care, charge unvaccinated covid positive for treatment , open everything , no restrictions.... the people need a reminder what it was like in the early days before there was vaccines ..... give the people the freedom they so desperately want .....

Claude Gonzales

Refugee and Rowley told me that we were NUMBER ONE IN THE WORLD in fighting the COVID VIRUS ... so I think that Deyalsingh just trying to cause an unnecessary panic in the island!!!

Surush LaRosa

It's the reverse actually. All this who got the vaxx regretting it. They still dying and now they're considered not fully vaccinated. This covid vaccine is like the flu shot. You'd have to take it every 8 months on average. Every 6-12 months....

I myself was forced to take the one shot one kill.....I had to take it for work. I never got covid until after taking it. But I boost my immune system naturally so I fought off the toxic vaccine and then fought off covid. The virus and the vaccine won't kill you by itself. If your lifestyle is poor you'd die. I take no pharmaceutical drugs. But the ivermectin works. My gf and many friends who also took jnj got covid but unlike me they were SICK for 2-3 weeks.....they all took ivermectin and got better within 2 days. I on the other hand take only natural sources so I didn't take Panadol or ivermectin, or even pharmaceutical vitamins. I get everything naturally......

So stop spreading false conspiracy theories and disinformation. Just like Pfizer who lost billions in Marketing Fraud. Pfizer is the Father of disinformation, yet they are allowed to manufacture vaccines. Everything will come to light eventually.
The vaccinated dying....those who took 1 jab and 2 jabs or 3 jabs but haven't survived past 2 weeks are dying but they're "not fully vaccinated" so they're using their deaths to get more people vaccinated. And the cycle continues. Bottom line...the vaccine is toxic but take care of your body and u can fight the vaccine or virus

Kenneth L Anderson

Bone head the pnm trying to block the stable after the horse have bolted.
Your pm is not a beggar but a thief

Claire Rostant

I woke up this morning thinking how would the Prime Minister and the National Security Minister react if our country was given 30 minutes warning of Venezuela's intention to bomb the crap out of Trinidad using their jet fighter planes. And I thought about this based on how we are seeing Rowley and Deyalsingh dealing with Covid 19. Rowley has been acting as though every citizen will eventually get Covid whilst Deyalsingh has been acting like not only will every citizen get it, but they will die from it. So not only do we have the leader of the nation running around abusing everyone for not taking the vaccine and firing his COP for not charging 20-30 children in Bayside Towers for behaving like children, but our health minister is a mess. I mean Deyalsingh has it so bad that the man cries in public thinking that everybody is going to die. That is how these two men are acting, bawling " we go all dead" and that is the opposite that citizens need in a time of distress. The people need calm, comforting, motivational positive reinforced leadership of a Commander in charge, our PM should be telling the population that that this too shall pass, and encouraging, not punishing people to take the vaccine. Instead our General is on the battlefield screaming " Allyer too stupid, yer go dead, take de damn vaccine" while he himself runs in the opposite direction to his troops. If Rowley and Deyalsingh share a car, both might get heart attacks and neither might survive each others company.

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