T&T...Murder toll nears 400 mark

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11/23/21, 4:55:22 PM 
T&T...Murder toll nears 400 mark

Fifteen people were killed between Friday night and yesterday, catapulting the 2021 murder toll to two short of 400.These killings pushed the murder toll for 2021 up to 398. The comparative figure for the same period was 367.

Speaking with the Express yesterday, Deputy Commissioner of Police McDonald Jacob noted while there were more killings this year—an estimated 8.5 per cent increase —an estimated 35 per cent of these killings were from domestic encounters over suspicion of infidelity and disputes over property.

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11/23/21, 5:28:41 PM 
What I notice is the perception of lack of concern for victims but more on managing the optics, with reasons given such as, it's related to gang violence, domestic issues, infidelity, ,as if to say it's ok or nothing to be overly concerned about.

Police, do they investigate and solve murders?

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