T&T..Stinging rebuke of EOT Chairman by Justice Quinlan-Williams

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T&T...Stinging rebuke of Equal Opportunity Tribunal chairman, as Veera wins

In writing the judgement involving the Equal Opportunity Tribunal and its chairman's failure to allow Veera Bhajan to take up her President-appointed position as a lay-assessor, Justice Avason Quinlan-Williams said one song replayed in her mind, “Pure hate and acting normal.”She yesterday ordered that Bhajan be allowed to fulfill he role and be paid $100,000 by the EOT and its chairman Donna Powell-Raphael for the embarrassment and humiliation she faced.The judge also wondered whether Prowell-Raphael would reflect on whether she is best fit for the post of chairman of the EOT.

Bhajan who was born without arms, has been an attorney since 2011. She was appointed a lay assessor of the Tribunal for three years by President Paula- Mae Weekes on March 17 2021. She had not been able to begin her duties even after several correspondences to the EOT’s chairman. Bhajan filed legal action.In delivering the judgment yesterday afternoon, Quinlan-Williams granted Bhajan all reliefs sought.The judge said it was inexplicable that the matter was before a court. She said it was not a difficult case to decide because the facts were easy to find and they resoundingly spoke for themselves.

“On the other hand, the judgement has been difficult to pen. At a certain point, as much as I tried to quiet my mind, I kept hearing the words of one song over and over, they were from General Grant, ‘Pure hate and acting normal.’”She said it was also startling that Prowell-Raphael had not yet had not yet spoken to Bhajan. “What is up with that?” the judge asked.

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T&T Comments:

Randolph .

PURE HATE IS THE PNM is in the rule book that they govern by.No for the people with disabilities. Great day for them ,the settlement was too small.Every once in a while someone with a conscience will do and say the right thing.

Clarence Lakhan

At least one solitary Judge is standing up for the BROWN man nowadays.

The Patriot

To both PNM and UNC you don't always have to put loyalists and supporters to oversee important departments in the country. if someone can do the job for the sake of country then by all means.. forget political allegiance and appoint the best we have. In hindsight , is Donna Prowell-Raphael the best suited person to chair the EOT.?You have put back some joy in my heart oh noble judge. Thank you for your fair assessment on this matter. On another note I was quite surprised by some of the names of the panel of attorneys that represented the EOT.

Harry Ramharack

The tribunal said it respected the decision and continued to deny any wrongdoing.
I became numb and dumb-struck after reading this line.

The Trinbago Guy

It is ironic and distasteful that some thing like this could happen at the Equal Opportunity Tribunal. And what makes it worse, this discrimination is against a young woman who is physically challenged, but qualified and is a Trinbagonian of Indian descent. Where is the application of "where every creed and race find an equal place"?


Donna Prowell-Raphael is a former PNM Senator.
Do you need more proof that the PNM don't like Indians?

Kenneth L Anderson

Can anyone imagine if Vera Bhajan was a black person and being treated like this, what would happen if it was unc government was in power. Rowley would be jumping night and day from Trinidad to Tobago until god hears him where is he now.

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Shameful Sarge.....absolutely shameful...the way they treated this young lawyer and resourceful young woman.

I can't believe this has happened in a country like T&T...with an established law school and the Caribbean Court Of justice based there....and the Privy Council easily accessible...and tons of eminent lawyers

I am even more surprised to see so called Human Rights lawyer Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj appearing for the guilty parties

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THE Equal Opportunity Tribunal (EOT) intends to appeal the ruling of Justice Avason Quinlan-Williams, who on Tuesday rebuked the tribunal for its failure to allow attorney Veera Bhajan take up the position of lay assessor.

It went on to add that although the tribunal did not intend to challenge the orders pronounced by Justice Quinlan-Williams, the chairman, based on the advice of her attorneys, headed by Senior Counsel Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj, intended to immediately file an appeal against the judge’s orders on the grounds that she made “serious errors of law which precipitated ­erroneous declarations and awards of damages”.

Mr Ramesh Privy Council Maharaj

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In reply to Narper

He is only for money....reputation gone, ask Bas.

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