B-News: Armand Arbery Jury reaches (Guilty) Verdict

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11/24/21, 2:32:07 PM 
Will the Good ole Boys get off or spend the rest of their lives in jail?

Not Travis.

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11/24/21, 2:43:02 PM 
Guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty, guilty.

Travis on all nine counts

His father on eight counts.

The third guy Willy, found guilty on three counts.

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11/24/21, 3:37:03 PM 
Appeal coming up

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11/24/21, 3:48:26 PM 
In reply to Brerzerk

They also face Federal court in New Year. They will go to Marboro Country for a long time
and could also face civil suits
This was a lynching.

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11/24/21, 4:11:54 PM 
Well deserved, but now we have to wait for the sentencing, it's a good thing the Federal charges are there as a backup. Flat out unnecessary killing.

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11/24/21, 4:22:03 PM 
Ayenmol must be pissed.

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11/24/21, 4:27:20 PM 
In reply to JahJah

He's a mole

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11/24/21, 4:51:43 PM 
The McMichael fellas and Bryan found guilty? Good. Justice served and blessings to the Arbery family.

Now that D.A. who didn't even want to press charges... GO AFTER HER NEXT.

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11/24/21, 7:28:34 PM 
Good first part but dont jump for joy until you hear that the cell door lock behind them. A lot can happen between now an sentencing and the judge can sentence them to time served.
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11/25/21, 9:52:44 AM 
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Original Prosecutor charged on felony count and released on bail, she tried to cover it up.

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11/25/21, 12:15:32 PM 
Larissa Ollivierre, the young deputy DA on the prosecution is from Bequia. Born and bred. Her folks still live there. Whole place very proud.

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11/25/21, 12:38:49 PM 
In reply to Runs


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11/25/21, 12:43:47 PM 
In reply to Runs

That's who they need to shine the light on next. Who knows if there were other cases not pursued along similar lines.

Root them all out.

Emir, this I think is what you're looking for?

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