Well done, da Silva and Bonner

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11/25/21, 2:49:44 AM 
Congrats on your fighting half-century, using up 129 balls to get there, and giving us a very slim chance to aiming for a draw.

A lesson in application for the frontline batsmen.

I hope Bonner can follow suit. It's not about making runs now. It's about occupying the crease as long as possible.

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11/25/21, 3:36:53 AM 
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Bonner delivered - hope he stays there

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11/25/21, 1:08:36 PM 
Da Silva should open. He has that technique to blunt an attack . He is batting too low and not given enough opportunity to occupy the crease and score runs.
He is always coming in at a disadvantage.

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11/25/21, 1:24:02 PM 
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I echo that.

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11/25/21, 1:30:30 PM 
they showed character.

others did ok in the first innings too

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11/25/21, 1:37:22 PM 
The following batsmen got starts during that test:

Kraigg, Blackwood, Bonner, Silva, Mayers, Holder, Cornwall. Really only Chase and Hope failed both times. A very small positive but still one when batting is our real bane.

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11/25/21, 1:43:01 PM 
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In reply to rillo


not so long ago matches were done by Day 3.

This team showed fight and continues to do so...IN SPITE OF NO WARM UP matches.

Congratulations to the Sri Lankans but our lads will be better next test.

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11/25/21, 1:46:15 PM 
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cant help but think Roach would have been able to save this match for us...

just a thought.

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11/25/21, 7:22:28 PM 
the big difference (not the only one) between us and the better teams is that the better teams always have at least one batsman who will carry on to make runs. We get a couple guys with starts but very rate for someone to reach a century (we have had 2 centuries for the year in 7 tests???)

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11/25/21, 7:23:56 PM 
Has shit been given new found status?

big grin

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11/27/21, 10:32:59 AM 
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I am sure Ramdin went through the same problem,batting too low,let's hope they can use de Silva to better serve the team.

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11/27/21, 11:00:00 AM 
I been saying DaSilva should open and let Hope keep at 7, that might be the best use of Hope in tests, solve the dilemma of an opening partner for Paint, and hide Hope from fresh bowlers with a new ball, and hopefully with a platform to build on


Might be WI best batting lineup

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