2nd test team

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link Onionman0 Joined: Mar 5, 2020
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11/27/21, 12:42:03 PM 
In reply to Yadi

Chase MUST play.

Absolutely, Chase should bat at no.5....he should concentrate on scoring runs forget about taking wickets. At one point of time , he was averaging about 40...that has gone down to 28......As Joseph should become Ace strike bowler forget about batting....Steve Smith debuted his test career as leg spinner batting at no.8....developed as specialist world class batter.....test cricket , only specialist and genuine all rounder survive..Holder batting average at par with Chase.....

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11/27/21, 6:35:01 PM 
In reply to Onionman0
Chase and Warrican play based on first test performances with ball. Both failed with bat twice. Cornwall had moderate success with bat but did not appear to be penetrative with the ball. He must be the one to sit if they decide to play another seamer. Chase, however, cannot bat before Silva. He must slot down the order until his batting improved. Strange that because he batted so well in CPL playing proper cricket.

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11/28/21, 3:12:14 PM 
In reply to Onionman0

Actually Holder batting average is better than Chase.

Braithwaite 32
Hope 25
Bonner 41
Blackwood 30
Chase 27
Mayers 35
Holder 31
Da Silva 26

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11/28/21, 4:04:56 PM 
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Chase began the first test needing 4 runs to get to 2,000 runs in test cricket.He scored 3 runs in the 2 innings.R U guys confident that he could score the single needed to get to 2,000 or will he bag a pair like he did in New Zealand a year ago.He has 9 ducks in test cricket in 42 test matches.

link velo Joined: Jul 28, 2019
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11/28/21, 4:14:17 PM 
In reply to Ninetenjackwhat bajans are on the selection panel?and i don't know what facts you think makes permaul better than warrican

link Windiesfan78 Joined: Oct 19, 2021
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11/28/21, 4:14:56 PM 
Looks like Chase is chasing that 1 run to get to 2000 runs. He will come good soon, not to worry.

link WICFan Joined: Nov 12, 2002
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11/28/21, 6:22:52 PM 
Chase has went from looking like a decent batsman to looking like a bits n pieces cricketer.

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11/28/21, 7:40:07 PM 
In reply to mikesiva

I would p lay Roach or Seales over Hope with that average. I say one below 30 average batter , would rather none, but...

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11/28/21, 7:41:26 PM 
In reply to Dukes

They pickung him based off his bowling, it seems.

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11/29/21, 10:03:14 AM 
In reply Bato mikesiva

Based on these averages, WI should be making around 280 per inning. However, the fact that we are constantly bowled out for less than that shows that all these averages are on a downward trend.

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