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11/25/21, 9:11:58 AM 
An all Euro-American jury, save for one African American convicted the 3 white murders for the slaughtering of a black man

In a state with a deep and ugly history of racism
By a defensive that played all the race card
By a former prosecutor who failed to prosecute the murders initially and he appears to be an ally of the now convicted murders.

I say our hope for America as a racially plural democracy in the Trump white nationalist era has been given a massive boost.

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11/25/21, 11:19:33 AM 
In reply to Emir

Next stop is Hindu Fundamentalists in Modi era, right boss?

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11/25/21, 4:06:18 PM 
In reply to Emir
Tell that a John Wingrove Brathwaite family, who was put to death by a black jury, for a crime he never committed.

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11/25/21, 10:29:02 PM 
long road to travel. Appeals upon appeals to come but this one says a lot in a state where lynchings still happen in the dark. Georgia has come a long way from Lester Maddox declaring his Gubernatorial Campaign was based on two things Roads n Ni...ers, and said 'I'm for the former and against the latter' He won!

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11/26/21, 1:01:14 AM 
In reply to Emir

In my opinion, your assessment Wittingly or Unwittingly is
wrong. You failed to take into consideration, the White man
who killed 3 Black persons and was adjudged Not Guilty,by the
Jurors in his Case recently .

My belief is that if he was a Black man with a Rifle patrolling he would have been Dead almost instantaneously .
I am reminded of a well known phrase
" One Swallow does not make a Summer "

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