Boeing Port-O-Jet(ty)

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11/25/21, 4:23:46 PM 

Mollie, look what Boing has been relegated to.

Behold the Boeing Jet-Powered Outhouse That Runs a 31-Second Quarter-Mile

As such, the Port-O-Jet is sometimes regarded as the world's fastest outhouse, and though that's not (yet) a record officially tracked by Guinness, we haven't found anyone claiming the contrary. It would seem people aren't building a lot of jet-powered outhouses for obvious reasons, and instead--in the case of Stender's friend Tim Arfons--prefer jet-powered bar stools. Stender acknowledges having raced his outhouses against Arfons' bar stool four times, and he came away the winner twice. Sounds like we need people to build a bunch more jet cars like these so they can set up a league, and offer a form of barstool sports worth consuming.

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11/25/21, 11:31:00 PM 
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There's a story in the Caribbean of a landowner who bequeaths his Rolls Royce to a loyal hired man.
Naturally as the man returns to his own land, he proceeds to use the Rolls as his transportation for all things farm related.
The car becomes a stinky dingy mess.
Upon hearing of the situation Rolls Royce jumps into action. They purchase a truck and donate it to this man in exchange for the Rolls, douse it with gasoline and sets it ablaze.

They did not want their product and reputation stained by the sight of such a prestigious vehicle used in such a manner.

I fear Boeing needs to look into this with the same interest.

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smile smile smile

I hope you're not taking shots at one of our current cricketers (on the fringe of retirement), known to have a gold-plated Bentley among his vast collection of valuables.

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I posted the link to that story as segue into my own. Hopefully, my story has the opposite effect of yours.

Years ago I moved from my Flushing, Queens (NY) apartment to my first house/home in Uniondale, Long Island. Wow, talk about moving up!

Over the summer this quasi annoying kid, Rahul, kept roaming the neighborhood with his wooden makeshift motorized cart powered by a lawn-mower engine. Yes, he got on everyone's nerves with his ubiquity when he would show up at every (outdoor) barbeque.

This continued for the next few summers until Rahul graduated high school and got accepted into the Air Force Academy. During his home visits from the academy he would press the neighborhood doorbells just to show off his Air Force attire.

After not seeing him for a number of years, I was watching a BET presentation featuring Colin Powell. This was just after Operation Desert Storm. Guess who was part of the group of black Fighter Pilots being shown off for their heroics in the operation?

You guessed it, our own annoying neighborhood wooden makeshift motorized cart powered by a lawn-mower engine kid, Rahul!

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The universe shitarse
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