T&T... records highest daily covid19 death toll – 31

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11/25/21, 7:31:21 PM 
T&T... records highest daily covid19 death toll – 31

Another child was among the 31 people who died from covid19 in Trinidad and Tobago in the last 24 hours
The figure was the highest number of deaths in one day to date. The previous highest total of 28 deaths occurred on November 20.The 31 deaths came the day after the total number of deaths from the virus crossed 2,000.

The death toll now stands at 2,040.

The Health Ministry’s covid19 update on Thursday said the people who died were ten elderly men, nine elderly women, six middle-aged men, five middle-aged women, and one male child.The boy is the fifth child to die of covid19 in TT since the start of the pandemic.
It said 19 of the deceased had multiple comorbidities, including diabetes, hypertension and heart disease, Parkinson’s disease, kidney disease, lung disease, cancer, and a history of strokes. Seven people had one comorbidity – diabetes, hypertension, or cancer – and five had no known comorbidity.

The number of daily cases continues to be high, with 624 cases being reported from samples taken between November 21 and 24.

There are now 9,606 active cases.

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T&T Comments:

Raven Madoxx

Rowley probably chose today to give his speech because he knew or was told 31 would be turned off today.
Covid causes oxygen to drop in the blood which will cause them to put you in an induced coma...
At some point you would get renal failure and become brain dead ....
At this hopeless stage they turn off life support to try to save someone else.....


All those who are unvaccinated.. It's not that bad yuh know.. Only 31.. We can relax..
Prepare to meet your maker by December 4th..the vaccine won't save you now.. Too late suckers..We are #1 in the world!! Ooops, in what may I ask?

J ram

News tonight, Rowley to announce he is reinstated the curfew!
For all those anti vaxxers take that now.


He cud talk till he blue in the face. Some Trinbagonians who believe the vaccine will kill them instead of the COVID still will not be vaccinated....behold there are many!

Tester Testing

Carnival start early boy. Buh doh worry. After Delta the next one coming is the Tu strain which is even deadlier and more contagious than Delta and is resistant to all vaccines. Don't believe me do the damn search for it, just type "Tu variant".
We azz dark only people who are not vaccinated will survive because the vaccinated immune system has been compromised.
I digging a cave in my back yard and stocking up on food, if allur miss me ah in meh cave hiding from Tu.
My neighbor got a stroke two a week ago they sent him to Mt. Hope then a couple days later they sent him to Couva Hospital where he died. They saying he had covid 🙄. These people lying so damn much eh OMG

The Patriot

Something is not adding up here, because I am fully vaccinated ( sinopharm ) since the beginning of August and I was covid positive at the beginning of this month. I am thankfully not hospitalized and the county nurses have always been kind and gentle when they speak with me on the phone during my quarantine. My sincere prayers to all who is experiencing this woeful virus. "May God bless our nation."

Raven Madoxx

The Leaders of the world are spooked...
The only thing that spooks these people is intelligence of a clear and present danger to themselves..
So Spooked they gave the Vaccine manufactures protection against prosecution....
Scientist worked hard and fast to develop these vaccines to eradicate this virus....
One day the dust will settle, another Snowden will come along, your questions will be answered..

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