EOT Chairman appeals judgement in Veera Bhajan case

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11/25/21, 7:50:16 PM 
EOT Chairman appeals judgement in Veera Bhajan case

Equal Opportunity Tribunal (EOT) Chairman Donna Prowell-Rapahel has signalled her intention to appeal High Court Judge Avason Quinlan-Williams’ judgement ina lawsuit over EOT lay assessor Veera Bhajan being blocked from taking up her appointment.
In a press release issued a short while ago, the EOT’s Protocol Department said that while the tribunal does not intend to appeal the orders pronounced by Justice Quinlan-Williams on Tuesday, Prowell-Rapahel has decided to appeal the findings against her based on advice from her legal team headed by Senior Counsel Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj.

The release suggested that Prowell-Raphael was advised that Justice Quinlan-Williams made serious errors of law which precipitated erroneous declarations and the corresponding award of damages.
“Senior Counsel advised that the judge had no jurisdiction because no sustainable claim with a cause of action to obtain damages was pleaded,” the release said.“He (Maharaj) further advised that the awards were inconsistent with established principles of law and that the adverse comments made against the Chairman were unsupported by any evidence in the case,” it added.The tribunal claimed that in the lawsuit Bhajan never raised allegations of discrimination on the basis of race, disability or hate.“Hence there was neither necessity nor reason for the Tribunal and or the Chairman to consider and or defend these scandalous and unfounded suggestions,” it said.

It claimed that the lawsuit dealt with transparency and fairness of legislative appointments and sought to decide whether public officers should be paid from the date of their appointments or from the date of their assumption of office.

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T&T Comments:

Victor Newman

I decided not to comment on this matter and the open Pyre cremation case due to the racial connotations by some bloggers but this is nonsense now. Shame Shame Shame. If the initial thought is that the EOC does not have the logistics to accommodate Ms Bhajan so the funds used to contest this case could that not be used to put the logistical arrangements in place. This is atrocious. People rely on the EOC to deal with being discriminated and this organization is openly discriminating against a challenged person. In this technological age what it is that this young lady needs to perform her duties that is so difficult. The EOC missed a real chance to demonstrate to other organizations how to treat with challenged citizens. Shame Shame Shame and the President should call for the resignation of Powell Raphael immediately.

Alvina Maraj

donna disobeyed a directive from the President and she is still sitting in the chair... considering others who have done less and have been replaced what's the hold up now. Banana Republic....

Watcher Justice

This woman for real, her ego big, I hope when Veera win again, this time they pay double the amount😐

Rob narine

Nothing but spite and wickedness by the EOT Chairman. The legal fee to RLM alone will pay the girl, but hate takes precedence, Taxpayers money available for this but insufficient funds to run the organization. Unbelievable.

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