How does West Indies cricket benefit from another Gayle send off

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11/25/21, 9:15:24 PM 
Wasn't there a grand send off during the T20 cricket World Cup?

What precedent are we setting especially for a half ass cricketer?

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11/26/21, 7:52:29 AM 
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What do you say to those who argue that he deserves it?

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11/26/21, 8:49:56 AM 
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here's a twist

wi set up a match

and ug then call tirement?

mih nuh want eet
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11/26/21, 9:31:52 AM 
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Very pertinent question.....the simple answer...the Politician Skerritt gets votes for his third term provided he did not get a post in ICC by licking boots of Big Three.... Jamaica voted for Skerritt instead of person backed Cameron this term.... previously, Jamaica didn't vote for even Cameron all game of votes....The Politician please it senior players, regional Prime Ministers....and in lieu further his for West Indies cricket ...gone nadir....losing poorly at home, fiasco at ICC ,now Sri future T-20 World Cup 2022, qualifying for 50 overs World Cup 2023,test championship...nobody actually cares in administration...

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11/26/21, 11:22:22 AM 
Benefit to WI : The Universe will be watching the match...interest will be high

Fact: The WI have nothing more to lose.

And who knows...UB may hit the Irish all over the park and go out with a bang.

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11/26/21, 2:07:07 PM 
In reply to Narper

If he must play let's hope he can go out with a big score. The Irish were very competitive last time out and should not be taken lightly.

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