HEADLINE: Guyana coach reveals Hetmyer among those to improve scores on latest fitness test

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1/6/22, 11:01:56 AM 

Head coach of the Guyana Eagles, Esuan Crandon, has reported that the majority of the players re-taking the Yo-Yo fitness test earlier this week improved their scores but remains perplexed at the reason fitness has become such an issue for some players.

A group consisting of Shimron Hetmyer, Chandrapaul Hemraj, and Keemo Paul were reportedly among those present for the drills, which took place on Monday at the Leonora Stadium. 

“I think what we have seen today is some improvement from the guys, probably not what we were looking for but at the end of the day, most of them, about 97-98 percent would have improved on their previous scores (in the yo-yo test) so that is a good sign for us, and it also tells the entire group that once you put in the work, you will improve,” Crandon told the Guyana Times.

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1/6/22, 11:06:19 AM 
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“It is simple as that. I do not understand why it is difficult for some of these players to understand. You are professionals and they have to put in the work to get to the level of fitness we are looking at.”

Who said this, Phil Simmons and WICB I guess.
Them wicked.

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i think a few players body Structure do not allow them to do certain type of work out,if force upon them injury will occur Hetty and Hemraj may be such Sarwan was one such i agree u must have a standard but there are exceptions to rules,question is,is Hetty really a likability on a cricket field right now,if so i don't see it, the other question is,are they prepare to kill his career because this

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1/6/22, 2:01:00 PM 
Kudos to Hety for improving his fitness by 1%

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1/6/22, 4:53:42 PM 
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Kudos to Hety for improving his fitness by 1%

I was told that you graduated from Stanford with a Bachelor's degree in Math but little did I know that it was Allen Stanford's University!!!!!!!

lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

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big grin

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1/7/22, 12:16:42 AM 
Hety might need a fitness exemption big grin

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A few players could do with better preparation in that case i.e maintaining fitness during the off season, eating/preparing the right meals, cutting down on fast food, alcohol etc.

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