HEADLINE: The incapable West Indies

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6/14/22, 10:56:17 AM 

THE three ODI games in the Pakistan series, played on June 8,10 and 12 at Multan, pretty well summed up the problems of West Indies cricket at the moment.

They could not come to terms with the opposition, led by Babar Azam, a super batsman.

It is deflating to all West Indian fans that WI were unable to pull off a win in even one game. It certainly tells a tale.

In the first, Nicholas Pooran, WI captain, won the toss and elected to bat. This decision revealed growing confidence in his team’s batting, by expecting them to establish a solid score, thus placing the Pakistani batsmen under some pressure.

In an ODI (50 overs), unless a pitch is judged to be bowler-friendly, then the right decision is to bat first. Batsmen are then supposed to take advantage of a good batting pitch to build a challenging score. The opposing batsmen then are forced to maintain a demanding scoring rate while chasing. A wicket or two falling at the right time for the bowling team could make this a daunting task for the batting side, because of the psychological impact it could cause.

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6/14/22, 11:34:29 AM 
totally agree they just don't have the mental discipline needed for this level.

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6/14/22, 2:32:11 PM 
In reply to CaribbeanCricket.com

WI batsmen don’t possess the technique to counteract testing bowling. The vital requirements of concentration, confidence and intelligence are non-existent. Coaches should identify and correct these shortcomings.

Since becoming Head Coach, Simmons has disastrous effect on team...each writer, commentators and posters blaming players...what about Simmons and his selected team staffs....if players are accountable for their performance in each match... players penalised for poor performance by central contract degradation or even dropped...then Simmons and selected staffs should also be equally held liable and responsible for consistently failing to perform...Be it ICC World Twenty20 or home series or away series.....TThe writer has expressed his opinion, which to my mind totally biased... giving team management a free run...

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6/14/22, 3:15:29 PM 
In reply to Onionman0

When a team lacks brains when playing and numerous deficiencies in players' skills, NO Coach, Captain, Selectors, or Management
can be of help. It's a sorry lot. We saw it in Multan.
Players at such level, from time to time need minor tweaking of bad habits. A coach or Captain can be of help.
CWI does not have such levels of players. These players are at sea to spin and pace.


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6/15/22, 1:18:22 PM 
In reply to sgtdjones

So a free pass for the head coach. If he was Guyanese, would u maintain this position?

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In reply to Hendra

With this bunch of partially skilled players, it matters not who the Head Coach, Captain, Selectors, or Management are?


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In reply to sgtdjones

Do you think Bairstow has more batting skills than all the members of the Wi team?

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