Barbadian senator taking nuff licks today

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6/30/22, 2:25:15 PM 
after suggesting middle class Bajans need to shoulder more of the burden

Making her contribution to the Pandemic Contribution Levy Bill, 2022 which was passed in the Senate today, Senator Munro-Knight said: “Of course it is going to be uncomfortable, no one likes to pay more taxes. No one likes to see money coming out of their pockets. But again, I want to ask, are we here Mr President because of fiscal mismanagement of this Government?

“I know that there are those amongst us that would say that the burden of this falls upon the middle-class and the Government is essentially trying to unravel the middle-class with this measure and that the middle-class has continually had to bear the burden of lifting this country up. Mr President, I stand with my hands in the air to say that it is true. We have had to do that., but that is the middle-class globally.

“I have to say that this is the situation that we find ourselves in and I reiterate that it requires a level of sacrifice from Barbadians, middle-class Barbadians, because of the standard of living that we have,” she said.

Most of the responses I've seen thus far are of the "But the RICH are right over there" variety.

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