Clive Lloyd

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link Narper Joined: Jan 3, 2003
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9/23/22, 6:23:54 PM 
In reply to Dukes

Less than a year before the OBSCENE dropping,,,, Shiv was the best performing fact I heard Lloyd say that on air...when he clearly stated there was no plan to drop Shiv....that he was still the best performing test who convinced him otherwise???

One bad patch in 10 years....why the haste to drop your best batsman....because he is 41 and in a bad patch? There were absolutely no obvious replacements for fact to this day....NO ONE has filled Shiv's shoes....but Lloyd tried to pacify some people by including Chandrika....what a joke and an insult to people.

Shiv didn't ask to continue indefinitely....he requested the two tests.

Prezzie Cameron agreed and asked Lloyd to give Shiv the two tests...well the rest is history....and lloyd and Simmons were later rightly fired by Cameron.

BTW Shiv continued to play FC cricket for years after with reasonable success....performing better than most in the WI team at that time

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9/23/22, 6:29:44 PM 
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In reply to Narper

3-6 months (June and Sept 2014) prior the first of those 2 series cited (Dec 2014), Shiv played 2 series, One against NZ in NZ (June 2014) and one against Bangla at Home (Sept 2014). He scored a total 465 runs at 116.25...

if one is going to argue that he was failing, it is only reasonable that they include those 2 series given that one was in June and the other in Sept of the same year that a 'failure' (Dec) was noted...

to dismiss speculative views about motives for dropping Shiv using statistics does not cut it for me...

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9/23/22, 6:40:52 PM 
In reply to doosra

to dismiss speculative views about motives using statistics alone does not cut it for me..

Let Dukesy et al try to spin....they are spinning in mud.

I will respect Clive LLoyd the WI player and cappo of the WI team....but for nothing else.

Doos I don't care that Shiv don't have that so called record of most test runs.....

but to deny your most humble servant a request to play two more tests matches...regardless of his a shame and disgrace....and there was no way with or without Shiv the WI was going to beat OZ anyway...

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9/23/22, 7:20:49 PM 
Whatever happened, West Indies cricket continue to suffer from lack of transparency.

Look Sarwan took the job then swiftly resigned.

No one knows the real reason.

Doesn’t the public, fans from across the region and world deserve to know what’s really going on?

The board cannot secure proper sponsors.

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9/23/22, 7:29:38 PM 
In reply to Narper

Don’t gang up on Dukes ... it’s very sad that he is trying to justify a blatant wrong ....
But what the heck .... life goes on ...a GUYANESE WOULD HAD THE MOST
RUNS... but Dukes and Loyd are comfortable that a son of the soil was denied ... because he too old and could not see ...yet the blind and old chap went up to England and mash up some bowling.
Me gone ... But do you know who Lloyd cuss out the most for the World Cup loss to India ...???
Figure it out guys ...
Go easy on Dukes ... it’s not his fault ...

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9/23/22, 7:33:34 PM 
In reply to Raskil

You should ask why Sarwan ..was removed from captaincy when he was first appointed ??
That’s an episode that was hush hush ..
Ask Lara and Ken Gordon

link Raskil Joined: Nov 12, 2002
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9/23/22, 7:57:48 PM 
In reply to CITYBOY

It’s no secret.

However Sarwan quit his chance to right some wrongs.

link Logic Joined: Jun 18, 2005
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9/24/22, 6:40:12 AM 
In reply to Jumpstart

I have to agree on the calamity of the Dw Bravo omission.

But since the original thread was on the absence of Lloyd's name on a cricket ground in Guyana, I have to say that Lloyd's competence or virtue as a selector is irrelevant. He was arguably the most successful WI captain ever. His name should be memorialized. If Guyanese too myopic and divided to appreciate that then they are the problem, not him

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9/24/22, 7:02:31 AM 
Captain of the first 2 and our only 2 one day world cup winning teams. Leader of a team that inspired millions in the diaspora to hold their heads high and assert themselves in hostile environments...a team that shook up the established norms of the game and perhaps did as much to drive an arrow into the heart of the apartheid system in SA as any economic sanctions could do.

If Guyanese can't rally together to recognise this man as a national hero....despite his flaws, as he is human....Guyana is permanently lost

link CITYBOY Joined: Jul 10, 2017
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9/24/22, 8:52:27 AM 
In reply to Logic

Don’t overate Lloyd ..he was a good cricketer and he had a very good team ... WI had a following because they were winning ...
You are suggesting that it was Loyd and Loyd only ..VIV had a winning team .,,
Players make a successful captain. .. Butcher once said to me “ how can we ever lose when we had a Sobers .. a 3 cricketer in one “”
If he inspired millions as you put it do be it ... but inspired to do what ??Show relevance or stop chatting ..
The rebel team to S A did more ... do some research

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9/24/22, 8:55:32 AM 
In reply to CITYBOY

How many WC VIV won with his great leadership and team?? lol lol

link CITYBOY Joined: Jul 10, 2017
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9/24/22, 9:55:39 AM 
In reply to StumpCam

If the WC trophies are the measurement then Sammy should be immortalized and be viewed as great alongside Loyd ...
Tired chatting about Loyd ,.. moving on !!

link Logic Joined: Jun 18, 2005
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9/25/22, 12:10:59 AM 
In reply to CITYBOY

Sammy was ..... despite his achievements being minute in comparison to Lloyd, the man has a whole stadium named after him.

I have found Guyanese of all races to be lovely individuals. But the lack of unified pride keeps holding back this potentially great country. A country needs heroes to help develop that sense of pride and unity. Guyana seems to have few heroes that all can rally around. Your best hope is your cricketers. But if you reject them too you diminish your own country.

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