Bo Jiden dissed at De Fineral

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9/19/22, 4:59:26 PM 
At the the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, where hundreds of world leaders, royals, and dignitaries of every shape crowded into Westminster Abbey, the seating chart is imbued with meaning. So it’s not a surprise that the position of U.S. President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden were stationed 14 rows back.

They were behind the president of Poland and ahead of the Czech Republic prime minister. The president of Switzerland sat one seat over, next to the U.S. First Lady.

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9/19/22, 5:04:15 PM 
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This is where Trump trumps them all.

If it were him, he would've certainly pushed someone out of the way to position himself up front and center.

You know, just like he did that guy (sorry, I forget his name) at his first attendance at a world body meeting.

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9/19/22, 5:06:39 PM 
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In reply to DrapseyThe president of Montenegro

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9/19/22, 5:10:00 PM 
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Thanks, Chrissy.

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9/19/22, 6:24:19 PM 
Yuh nuh see the man is too blinded by bias to see anything else? US dignitaries would normally be right after the Brits such as 'Lords' etc. The travel time must have been factored in to avoid seating disruptions. There's a reason Boris was stopped and forced to wait his turn.

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