I am watching Kyle as a future captain

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9/22/22, 7:58:05 PM 
Well that is the point Mr. Jumpstart; I deliberately said Courtney Browne because I could have equally said Shane Dowrich who has a closer record. But of course he has not won a T20 title or captained the Windies.

All I ever said is Trinidad has not produced at the same level as the others. I in no way tried to diminish the vast contribution. The history is there and tells it’s only story, including some that I will leave alone least I stir waters and be equally considered a protagonist.

I am more interested in whom Barbados, Trinidad and whomever is producing NOW.

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9/23/22, 6:24:15 AM 
In reply to imusic

None of the players you speak of got the sort of stick that Sammy has over the years. Gayle was there during the West Indies darkest hour, helping us to qualify for the ODI World Cup. Bravo was the reason why we lost a series we could have won against India, leading the men to down tools. Pollard was the reason why we lost to S.A in the Champions Trophy on DLS, knocking us out of the tournament. He never liked listening to Gayle when he was captain, always doing his own thing which used to annoy UB. Russell played for the West Indies when it suited him. As for Narine, the poor excuse of his bowling action being the reason for not representing the W.I wasn't fooling anyone. The fact that Pollard, Bravo and Narine played for their Indian franchises during the Champion's League rather than for T&T spoke volumes to me. This is even after the Government there was willing to pay them more. All these players are certainly more talented than Sammy was. However, save Gayle, one can certainly question where their loyalties lie.

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9/23/22, 6:55:49 AM 
In reply to Jumpstart

Stronger opponents? lol lol lol lol lol
i dunno any team that could beat a team with pollard, bravo, rampaul, narine, russell, universe boss and yes even samuels.

I do, Afghanistan did it as a team ranked well below us in 2016. Mind you, that was the only match we lost. Also, the match against India was a match that we could easily have lost. Lendl Simmons was fortunate not to be out on three occasions in that match.
The stronger opponents I spoke of would have been New Zealand and India, we were ranked 3rd in May 2016.

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