VOR should be KNIGHTED!!! GM KING!!

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9/22/22, 11:57:08 PM 
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lol lol lol lol lol

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9/23/22, 12:03:25 AM 
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Nope coronated. King of the goatmouts

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9/23/22, 12:15:09 AM 
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i stand corrected milud...
I new to the republic and never cared much for the Monarchy big grin

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big grin

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But the man has been acknowledged as GM king for years now.

What shocks me is that there are so many people on this board who are still shocked when he comes out and with laser precision proceed to GM his team or players.

In recent times he has come to terms with his powers and tries hard to restrain himself...but when he cant he comes out...and only one outcome... GMism

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9/23/22, 3:24:38 PM 
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It is the REAL TIME unfolding of it that never fails to deliver!

you see when I posed

That if WARRIORS won this match it would be a MIRACLE...and yet..the Power of VOR compliments such miracles almost 100% o the time??

VOR is more reliable than the STOCK Market!! lol lol lol

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9/23/22, 5:27:08 PM 
In reply to powen001 I stand with VOR. Committed. Dedicated.

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Committed. Dedicated. Goat. Mouth.

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When has this ever been questioned....Chrissy probably comes a distant second lol

There are certain things in life that are guaranteed. Death, Taxes, and a GM via VOR lol

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9/23/22, 6:23:31 PM 
How u go knight a King? Must be somebody from Little England dat come up wid dat

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big grin

Sir King VOR?'

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