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9/23/22, 9:28:01 AM 
Like the look he had when he out Hety lol lol

link StumpCam Joined: Dec 31, 2003
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9/23/22, 9:30:30 AM 
In reply to ray

What about the look after the overthrows?? lol lol

link SnoopDog Joined: Jan 23, 2004
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9/23/22, 10:37:46 AM 
In reply to ray

I would love to see Alzarri bowling on a green top in Oz or South Africa in his current form.

The guy is bowling with some good pace even on these placid CPL pitches.

link analyst-kid Joined: Feb 21, 2003
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9/23/22, 5:41:17 PM 
That left arm pacer Simmons needs to get in the WI setup. A left hand bowler who can bowl 140 kph is an asset....he had a good season for Barbados too.

The arrival of ALZARI to spearhead the WI attack is a great sign for WI cricket with Seales, Mayers and Holder and the veteran Roach. But this youngster Simmons with his left hand pace brings a stronger dimension to our cricket.

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9/23/22, 5:44:48 PM 
In reply to analyst-kid

140 kph is not pace.

link Dukes Joined: Dec 5, 2002
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9/23/22, 5:44:54 PM 
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In reply to analyst-kid

Good point.Simmons looks very promising.

link voiceofreason Joined: Jan 19, 2004
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9/23/22, 10:29:33 PM 
In reply to ray Nice send off. Just a stare at his former Cap.


link tc1 Joined: Jun 11, 2004
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9/23/22, 10:43:51 PM 
In reply to analyst-kid

how tall is Simmons, he looks promising.

link openning Joined: Nov 12, 2002
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9/24/22, 1:24:29 AM 
In reply to tc1

Simmons is looking the part, from the regional 4-day to this series, one ca see some growth in his development.
Another big youngster that seem to be working on his bowling is Nyeem Young, I would like like to see Young, Simmons and Springer, be the next leaders of Barbados cricket.
We need great International stars again, the tears flowing from Nyeem a few days ago, tells me this young an wants to succeed.

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