Poor Trump him just keep digging

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9/23/22, 1:53:14 PM 
Now Special Master says he must pay $500/hour for an assistant Special Master to review over 11,000 documents

big grin

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9/23/22, 3:05:09 PM 
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And the backroom misfits, dem just keep on winning. So much winning.

Which prison can I go to visit Trump?

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9/23/22, 3:08:51 PM 
In reply to VIX

big grin

Shot bai !!! lol

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9/23/22, 3:33:15 PM 
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In reply to birdseye

He lucky. I would have set the rate at 1000 an hour, since he like waste people time!!!

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9/23/22, 4:07:00 PM 
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In reply to Halliwell

dem man bowling the ball in the same spot 6 yrs running!!
Same ball, same pace, no swing, no turn.

So same shot! lol

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9/24/22, 1:23:45 AM 
In reply to VIX
You really invested eeeii no pun intended

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