Lawyers want permission to tell lies in court

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2/8/23, 1:59:38 PM 
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Lawyers for MAGA figures claim they cannot defend their clients and tell the truth in court, and would like special ethics rules that permit lying to judges in filings. As an attorney, would this be a useful modification to ethics rules for counsel?

As a side note, the proposal to modify ethic standards based specifically on and to the benefit of lawyers working for President Trump and other members of MAGA, often citing the Cannon Doctrine that proposes Trump and MAGA have special legal status in American law cases that would allow lawyers for them to be immune from sanctions for lying and vexatious litigation has been argued in sanctions hearing and court briefs by a wide range of lawyers including Howard Kleinhendler, Ernest J. Walker, Gary D. Fielder, Michael T. Madaio, Peter Ticktin, Jamie Alan Sasson, Lin Wood, Emily Newman, Gregory Rohl, Scott Hagerstrom, Christina Bobb, Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Stefanie Lynn Junttila, Julia Z. Haller, Brandon Johnson, and Alina Habba.

Outside of this, there is a movement of conservative lawyers that are looking for special protection when working with clients who are “outside of the normal legal process by their political connections to ‘patriotic’ movements” that include some of the lawyers for the Proud Boys and other terrorism groups. They point out that defending any member of the MAGA movement entails death threats, refusal to pay legal bills, bullying, and harassment, and this there should be a standard set for these people that permit the lawyer to declare their client part of a ‘Freedom,’ ‘Evangelical’ or ‘Patriot’ movement and thus relieve the lawyer of the need to follow state rules of ethics.

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All part of the Donald Trump legacy.

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He lost on this

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shock shock

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Best in the wurll

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Man these people want to change all norms to suit their purposes – they should not be held to standards…. A guess Trump meant it when he said he could shoot someone on fifth ave and not go to jail

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