How did Afro Beat surpass Soca in popularity?

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2/11/23, 4:14:24 PM 
Come in aficionados

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Because of young people's neglect!

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2/12/23, 5:51:37 AM 
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Because "Soca" is a bastardization of Calypso, it is a fad and all fads die. Calypso on the other habd will live on. Our young people are led astray by the influence of "Soca Stars" and the brainless lyrics of this music. There are only a few themes to all soca music:

Get someting and waive
We jammin jamin jamin
Jump, Jump Jam she Jam she
Ley we go
Ah coming

Both Calypso and Afro beats have it origins in West Africa, the spiritual home of our collective Caribbean and West Indian culture.

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2/12/23, 2:18:57 PM 
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Fads do that.
Then they go extinct.

This too shall pass.

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Which is a fad? Soca or Afrobeat?

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2/12/23, 5:24:22 PM 
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Soca continues to morph and every year its different. I think the lyrics are too singularly focused on party season, which by itself is not a bad thing. However, it does not seem to lend itself well to cultures outside of Caribbean diaspora. The odd exception every now and again. I wonder if that's due to exposure.

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