T&T Soca Warriors! BLOOD in our eyes tonight!

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3/14/23, 11:58:20 PM 
Will be ah movie! Link Text

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LIVE Stream Link Text

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3/15/23, 12:49:09 AM 
heart attack and frustrating football lol

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3/15/23, 1:52:03 AM 
Final Score: 0-0

T&T wins one of two

Let us build from this!

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3/15/23, 3:40:31 AM 
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Shocking to me.

No way Jamaica…..no matter what team they put out….should have trouble against T&T at this time.

Congrats to T&T though. Certainly exceeded my expectations

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3/15/23, 10:28:51 AM 
In reply to imusic

Surprising result yes…but I wouldn’t read too much into it when you look at the bigger picture….the Reggae Boyz coach was just using the opportunity to look at some options for future reference..the 1st match Soca Warriors scored against the run of play …while in the second match they parked the bus and didnt seem to have any intent to go forward….

The Yardie team coach would have been pleased with the effort from about 5 players (Lembisika(game 1) , Hutchinson(game 1. Had a poor game 2) , Atkinson(game one…was subbed due to injury and didnt play the 2nd game) , Richards(both games) and Tyler Roberts (played only game 2 and looked a good prospect)…

For the Soca Warriors the most impressive player was the number 15(Kaile Auvray?)…good close control and dribbling skills…..their defense also did a good job…

For the upcoming game against Mexico the above named players might have a shot of making the squad along with the goalkeeper because of injury to Andre Blake…

Post Match Interview-Soca Warriors

Post Match Interview-Reggae Boyz

Someone said that the Boyz interview was done in Coronation Market

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3/15/23, 10:51:11 AM 
In reply to FanAttick

Good summary my youth !

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3/17/23, 12:57:57 PM 
So historically T&T has a winning record against Jamaica?

26 wins for T&T vs Jamaica?

how many wins Jamaica has against T&T?

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3/17/23, 1:12:46 PM 
With Nations League action to resume in a week, T&T should feel encouraged by the result. Crunch match with Nicaragua to decide promotion for them.

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