HEADLINE: WI cricket has lost the plot

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3/15/23, 3:00:33 PM 

The shame and embarrassment continue. The West Indies cricket team has been trounced by South Africa in a two-Test series which came to its conclusion last week.

It is not only the annihilation of the team that is a disgrace, but the non-performance of its batsmen that actually brings that sense of shame and ignominy to Caribbean people.

One cannot help but be reminded of the five-nil defeat suffered on the 1998/99 tour of that country when Brian Lara was captain.

It was the first time that WI, in their proud history, had ever suffered such a hiding.

There were many reasons for it, but the view that I’ve always held was the fact that the players thought they were greater than the game.

Hence there was no solid preparation before the tour, as that time was spent in a hotel room in London arguing for better wages. But that’s another story.

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3/15/23, 3:19:56 PM 
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Pretty scathing. Does Mr Davis have suggestions on who should take on those management and coaching roles?

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that is the thing, there is no solution any one can come up with or think of, it just seems a waste of time to criticize, when no one has an answer, the truth is the English men destroyed WI for
ever, when the restrictions were placed on players, on the county circuit, they were providing the end product for us, in 35 years we have not been able to come up with an answer

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How many Pakistanis, NZ, SA are playing county, our players went to England because they were good, not to get good.

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Thank you, Camos. Yes, they may have refined their skills on the county circuit because frequent repetition of a task generally makes you better at it but they had the goods in the first place. What I never hear people raising is why cant we replicate the county system here by having more frequent FC matches or even bilateral series between different islands

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The manager of the team on the tour was Ricky Skerritt, the president of Cricket West Indies for the past four years.

He has lived up to his promise that a president should not serve more than two terms. On March 25, CWI will vote in a new president. When Skerritt became president he made the following appointments:

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3/15/23, 6:01:41 PM 
Jimmy Adams, as CWI’s director of cricket.

Adams left Kent County as coach to take the job without doing anything noteworthy at Kent. He has proven a huge disappointment with WI

Coach Roger Harper, Skerritt’s choice as the region’s chairman of selectors or, as renamed, the lead selector. He was so ineffective he had to be replaced.

He also stuck with trainer Ronald Rogers, and despite the numerous injuries that West Indian bowlers suffered, he is still there.

Again, as the great Sir Donald Bradman wrote in his book, the Art of Cricket, the best fitness training for a cricketer is playing cricket. Exercise without bowling, batting and fielding will not assist the cricketer.

Skerritt, as CWI president, surrounded himself with losers from that ill-fated 2000 tour of England, to plot WI cricket’s future. And unfortunately, they lost the plot.

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In my opinion our biggest problems are: 1. Team selection 2. Team captain
Brathwaite is not a good captain. We saw that throughout the tour of Australia, in Zimbabwe where we won 1-0 instead of 2-0 and recently in South Africa.
Concerning team selection it is bad for West Indies cricket to have our three selectors in Haynes, Holder and captain Brathwaite all from Barbados. They no doubt going to select a Barbados team as we saw 7 of the 15 selected for S/ A were from Barbados. If all Bajan players are available I don’t see Riefer and Jordan on a Barbados 11 and let alone to try to make Riefer our number 3 batsman when you have the likes of Bravo, Hope and young Athanaze available.

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3/16/23, 12:04:24 PM 
I am not against Barbados but I just hate the idea of not selecting our best players regardless of where they are from. Our best players didn’t make themselves available for Bangladesh and therefore Brathwaite was made captain and we won that series. But once our better players made themselves available why not play them as we saw in the 80’s when our best players went to play for Kerry Parker. Alvin Kalicharan was made captain but as soon as our players were available Clive Lloyd was reinstated as captain and and our best players were picked. In our SA tour the only reserve batsman we had was Athanaze when we had Darren Bravo, Dowrich, Hope available. So we picked a team to embarrass us and we got what we deserved

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3/16/23, 12:06:13 PM 
South Africa selectors outplayed and really tricked our selectors in the 2nd test when they brought in two spinners to replace their two fast bowlers that got injured in the first test. That decision forced West Indies to drop Gabriel and play a spinner. So SA didn’t have to deal with the added pace and aggression of Gabriel . The only change we needed to make was to drop either Riefer or Chase for Athanaze

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West indies cricket problems are structural and deep rooted.
Who are CWI?
Who owns CWI?
Who are they accountable to?
Who are their decision makers accountable to?
Who gave them the rights and privileges to have teams representing the pan eng caribbean and how are these rights and privileges maintained, renewed and updated?
Unless clarified and held accountable an alternative caricom linked and caricom generated body should replace CWI and better administer and sustain West Indies cricket.
Fallout from Sammy's et al wrongful dismissal and deep rooted structural biases also need to be effectively addressed.

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As stated in a 2016 article by CWI Coorporate secretary Faustin: Faustin suggests that the West Indies teams are headed in the right direction. “This year, we won three Under 19 titles, the women’s T20, and the men’s T20,” she says. “In the next two years, we’d like to do the same. We’d also like to win the World Cup for the Over 50 championship. So as the competition comes up over the next years, we’d like to win and go up in the rankings – say be in the top three."

Shortly thereafter enters the NATIONALISTS.... still unflolding today AND NO ACCOUNTABILITY.

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Absolutely nothing by way of solutions …typical West Indians

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