T&T Red Force squad

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3/18/23, 5:35:09 PM 
Squad named Link Text

Bravo captain

I hope Da Silva returns next round.

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3/18/23, 9:33:55 PM 
What happened to Terrence Hinds?? The bowling looks unfortunately pretty aenemic I agree that Silva should return and possibly Jangoo should be pushed up to open if Silva keeps or vice versa. TT not getting any start out of Solzano or Simmons

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3/18/23, 10:50:34 PM 
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doh worry wait for next round. there should be changes in roster and how the team play. sit back and enjoy d ride

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3/20/23, 11:09:48 AM 
Team with no decent fast bowlers is not going to help themselves. When you depend on Darren Bravo to bowl pace, your team selection or talent availability is lacking

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3/20/23, 11:22:14 AM 
i was just asking that question the other day if tnt does not have any young fast bowlers anywhere. when i saw daren bravo bowling first change

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3/20/23, 11:28:50 AM 
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Agreed. Seales and Phillips recovering from injury and Angel warming a bench in South Africa. TT does not have the fire power to get 20 wickets in a match and without Pooran, Lewis, Cariah and Silva, little hope of staying power at the crease either. TT's best team is arguably on par with Guyana and the Bajans but it is unable to field its best team so will languish near the bottom of the table just above Jamaica.

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3/20/23, 11:44:48 AM 
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Check the date of that team selected, the 3rd round is finish, we are into the 4th round.

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3/20/23, 12:59:58 PM 
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Duncy head you think I am not aware of the date team is selected??

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3/25/23, 3:34:30 PM 
big grin

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You deh pun skunt big grin

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