The batting

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3/18/23, 7:35:50 PM 
It was REFRESHING to see POSITIVE authentic stroke play from the batsmen. Congrats on the win Windies!!! Tighten up that bowling and FIELDING next match. King, Pooran and Powell you OWE us more after those good starts.

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3/18/23, 7:56:31 PM 
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And Brooks owe us big time cuz he never bothered the scorers

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3/18/23, 7:58:42 PM 
Congrats Windies.

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3/18/23, 8:01:04 PM 
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If Brooks comes good that will be a bonus…

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3/18/23, 8:04:03 PM 
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In reply to Hendra

Brooks shouldn’t be on the team period

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3/18/23, 8:07:39 PM 
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Every dawg hav' dem day n every puss dem 4a'clack
The whole middle n lower middle should have more in
the tank to give if we are to be competitive.
Stiffer bowling will come in other conditions vs other teams
Plus we'll face both better pacers and many spinners which is
our weakness.Keep fine-tuning from now to WC

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